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I'm done with my jury duty. I didn't get selected D:
You're not supposed to give details on the case or any crap like that, so I can't tell you about it. They didn't present evidence to us while they were selecting the jury, but the defendant's attourney was already trying to get us on his side, and I hated him for it.
The case was essentially a domestic violence case. I really didn't want to have to be a part of it, but I didn't go out of my way to get eliminated either. I really thought I could be impartial on all of it. Especially from everything I learned in anthro & my criminal forensics class about being impartial. When it came down to it, though.. the more the lawyers talked, I found myself horrified to realize that I was mentally already starting to pick sides. And this bothers me. Anyway, they asked us if any of us would beleive the word of a police officer over any other individual, and I said yes. I know they wern't being judgemental, but it felt really weird to be the only person to speak up. XP

We started (late) a little after 9AM, and I just got out now at 3-ish. I was so hungry D:
They gave us an hour for lunch, so I decided to confirm rumors that the Thai place by Baylor has boba. The girls in colorado suck for taking me there. Now I've had a taste of it and I want more XD Unfortunately, they didn't, but I stuck around for lunch anyway. It was pretty affordable for the main meal. I also tried a 'Thai iced tea' which made lunch, all together, about 10 bucks after tip XP I think I get out at Cathay cheaper, but they probably charged out the ass for the tea. The tea was.. orange ish. I can't really describe it. I think it was some sort of jasmine tea or somthing with coconut milk poured on top. It didn't initially mix together, so it looked really cool when I got it. It tasted really creamy and sweet, but also very tea-y? I don't know. It wasn't bad. I don't know that I would order it again, but it was neat to try somthing new. I also had the yellow curry. It was also made with coconut milk, which helped cut the spiciness of the curry. It was super flavorful, but damn.. the spices really creep up on you D: And that was a mild dish XD I'm such a wimp when it comes to spicy food. I like the flavors, but not the face-melting chemical reactions on my tounge. Go figure.

Anyway, I'm done, leaving the next thing on the amazing Becky Events List....

True Colors concert tour!!!
Erasure this weekend XD
(Then let's not think about how close Expo is or how I only have until next tues to sew) Gah!
One week to finish my jacket, wig, boots, and skirt! D: And if I get ambitious, a cape XP
I HAVE to finish the jacket tonight. Plain and simple. I am about halfway done with the yellow things. After I finish them, finish the zipper, and attach them... I have butt-flaps I keep forgetting about XP It's not too much. If that's all I work on tonight, maybe I can finish D:


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