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Happy birthday Celine!

I have 30 min until midnight so I didn't totally miss it? D:

Anyway... I made some serious headway on my jacket. I guess I always have done more work under stress? D:
Anyway.. It's really not finished enough to take pictures of it. It's not going to look cool until I get the yellow part on the front done. I've been working on it today and decided to do somthing weird with it to give it more "body"... CRAFT FOAM! XD

I wasn't getting the look I want with just the fabric, and interfacing wasn't doing much for it either. So, I just said fuck it and sewed some craft foam into it. It's going to take a little extra work when I clip it to keep it from being stubborn when I flip it inside out.. but top stitching will look really clean on it with it being that thick. And the upside is that I have to use less wire. From sitting down and watching the show, I realized that the "petals" on the front of her uniform are like mini tentacles. They arn't sewn down the entire way on her outfit. In fact, they stick out and do their own thing. So, I'm going to sew it down on the front seam, and on part of the sides. Gluing wire directly to the craft foam will let me shape them how I want when I wear them. I suppose if I wanted to, the whole thing would even be washing machine safe XD But the foam in the dryer... not so much.

Anyway, what you guys REALLY want to see are the retarded pictures I took when I was playing with makeup. Norn and Shiina both taught me that sometimes color matching makeup to your natural complexion+ weird colored wig can be really tough when you're going for a specific color scheme. This one is no exception, as Cornelia has a maroon uniform, hot purple hair, and darker purple lipstick. So Zomgz, what to do about the eyes?!?

One semi-serious photo, one color comparison shot, and a bunch of asshattery under the cut

I seriously don't want to wake up at the asscrack of AM for jury duty tomorrow XP


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