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Te o nobashite

There's quite a bit of random stuff you probably don't know about. Some of it's late-breaking exciting depressing stuf.. the other stuff is just... well, stuff....
In any case.. I've been thinking about boning up on my anime lyrics for A-kon kareoke, but I probably won't be able to find the room when I get there. The Love Hina theme song is too tough to try to sing.. heh
As you may or may not know, I went to Dallas last weekend and received the depressing news that Fukuya is closing. I bought the copy of Fool's Mate w/DeG on the cover though, for 13 bucks.. not bad. I also got some of the Kubrick Evangelion leggos.. those are so screwed up.. lol
Also.. I won more auctions on ebay. Shame on me. I know. Really.
I'm working on a present for myself. I know.. I'm not supposed to do that.. :P
But.. My website is getting really close to 1,000 hits.. and it's a big landmark for me. I figured I wouldn't get any presents from anyone else b/c I don't figure that I have any regular visitors to my site other than me and my parents :P So.. I'm making myself a present. If you want to see, go to me website (lol- crank up those hits!!) and go to the Livejournal Gifts section.. I'll stick up a link there tonight. Promise ;)
Hmm.. actually, I did that last night for the incomplete version. I must not have anything new to talk about. People haven't been replying to me lately, and nobody's online anymore. Shame on you! Seriously, though.. the picture is inked, so there will be a new version up sometime tonight.
Also- I'm really depressed about this.. seriously..
I entered THIS picture in an art contest HERE, but I lost. If I'd won, I would have gotten a 3-day pass to A-kon. That's the anime convention I go to. Being rejected in somthing I enjoy doing really feels like a slap in the face.
Also.. somthing really strange happened today. I was filling up napkin-holders at work and thinking about how the people that eat there are such pigs.. and I suppose I didnt' look too happy, b/c two guy came up to me and thanked me. I'd never been appreciated like that before. Two complete strangers came up to me at different times that night and told me I was doing a good job. At first, I felt a little insulted.. but that's only becasue I don't know how to receive compliments I guess... In any case.. I just said thanks and kept working. I could feel my face burning, so I must have been blushing.. felt like a scene from a bad shoujo for a second. It was truly strange.


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