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Should I leave it like this? Y/N?

None of this is ironed, lawl
BUT....there's the basic top part of the outfit. I'm going to try to find that bat wing tie I made a few years ago, and if I can't, I've got a few other ideas for the front. Some of them involving red paint XD The bottom... is not done ;O

The parts on the hat are not glued down or anything, so I can take them off. I think it looks nice, but I'm not sure it matches what I'm going for. I can put other stuff on the hat, make new hat bands, etc. Just not sure if I should keep that or not. If I keep it, I'll probably tack it down with some fabri-tac to keep it from going anywhere. Thoughts? XD

(Yes, I'm still working on Jacketmonster, but we are locked in mortal combat, and I needed a break to do somthing else XD


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