HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
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Can't I just leave it alone??

So, I bought a new separating jacket zipper at Jo Ann's yesterday. My jacket length is a retarded 27 inches in front, so I had to choose between the 26 incher and a clasp at the collar, or 28 inches and the possibility of sewing it shorter at the top. I went with 28 inches, and it ended up fitting pretty well. However... it wasn't until I got the zipper in that I realized I hated the length in the front... Of course, I'd already inserted the lining in the front and topstitched everything, so I had to rip that out and cut a good 2 inches off the slope of the front flaps. When I'd fit it earlier, it came up above crotch length like it was supposed to, but after I got the zipper in, it was magically right at the crotch level. And that is not good! :O It's obviously pooch-fat level! So the anal perfectionism devil on the right shoulder won over the ghetto compromise devil on the left shoulder, and I ripped everything out and made it shorter. Now it seems ok, but I'll have to put the zipper back in to know for certain.. and now I DEFINITELY have a zipper that is too long. I'll have to end up stitching over it anyway. It can be super ghetto at the collar, since it'll be hidden by the jabbot. It's really just important that everything meets together in the right place at the bottom. If I was REALLY that picky, I'd go and buy a 26 inch.. or even a 24 inch today, but fuck that. I don't want to have to buy a 3rd zipper for this jacket because I'm too picky on the pattern. I still have to re-do the sleeve puffs so that they don't slide around and poof up more. That will be easy, though, because I already know what I need to do on the new peices. And I still have enough denim since I played fabric nazi when I cut out the main big peices. I figured since I did all the pattern mock-ups in newspaper before I wouldn't be going through this. T..T Everything looked fine when I taped it to myself XD hurr hurr

So because this jacket is an endless source of silly frustration, I decided to procrapinate last night and made my hat for the concert. It took maybe 20 min tops. I love craft foam. I wanted a different shape from my other top hat. I really like the other one, but if I end up doing long bloomers with this one like I was thinking, the old one totally won't go with the look I'm going for. I put the hat on my unfinished Cornelia wig for size comparison XD Matt says it looks like a giant monopoly peice... heh. I'm thinking about what to do for the band. I have a TON of ribbon thanks to the loli hat project, so I have a lot of choices there. I'm thinking about doing vert black/white strips with some of the leftover gogo pant fabric, and a red ribbon band. I actually have a bunch of different kinds of ribbon that are the exact width of the hat, so that's another option. I was also thinking about giving it tails like a riding hat. I don't think I'll put feathers on this one. But damn, these are fun to make once every now and again :X
Here's another link to my cosplay.com photo gallery, where I've uploaded some silly pictures.

I'm crossing my fingers again today to get some work done on that jacket XD But you can be sure that if I don't make much progress, I'll be finishing the hat and maybe dying some weirdass fabric for my skirt XD

Why is my zipper crooked?? The fabric is straight. I cut it straight. The peices are exactly the same with a straight cut down the middle. The seam allowance is the same on both sides, but this zipper keeps going in crooked XP How many times to I need to re-sew every peice on this jacket?!? XD


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