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I got my ticket! D:

My concert ticket for Expo is taken care of. I certainly could have gone there and taken my chances in line, waiting a few hours before the event to get in.. but seriously? If we're spending this much already on hotel, plane, badges, etc... 50 bucks more to guarantee I get in no matter what is nothing. It would be a supreme waste of time, DESPITE all the wonderful people I haven't seen in forever to go through all that to not get in. So.. I have my ticket, and that's one less thing to worry about! Now.. what to wear? D:

The girls already know what they are wearing to the concert, but I hadn't really been able to decide on anything. Determined to find somthing lying around the house, I started rummaging through old cosplay stuff. Sometimes it's really hard for me to see the peices I create as individual peices, since a lot of things are made go fit together with the other costume parts. Things might be stitched together in odd ways, peices can't be separated physically.. or I just can't imagine one peice without the others. So everytime I look through things, I see very few individual costume peices that can be re-used. I think I've come up with somthing satisfactory with minimal preparation, though.

I think after digging around, though, I can make somthing work. I'll need to do a LITTLE sewing, though. I want to recreate a h.Naoto skirt I saw a picture of. It won't take much work to make, but I need to finish my Cornelia costume before I even touch that XD

Though, I think maybe, priorities are Cornelia jacket --->Concert skirt& hat---->Cornelia cape
lawl XD
There's also some J-rock photoshoot that evening after the concert. I'm thinking about maybe wearing the hide costume to that. Yu~ki would take too long to do makeup, but if I bring that costume, I'll definitely wear it a different day. I don't know. I need to get through next week's jury duty and get my costume stuff straightened out first.
And see Erasure!! :X

Oh! And I buckled and bought a new suitcase. I found a pretty good deal, I think.
I got this thing here, in blue. It's about 30 bucks cheaper on this site than any other site, and they have a free shipping promotion. The only thing close was a 49.99 29 incher from Wilson's leather, but they wanted to charge 55.00 to ship it. W. T. F. mate? So, I think I did pretty good. I didn't have any large suitcases anyway, and I just wanted to pick up one big peice. My little ones do great for cons, but they are coming apart at the seams, and I can't have that while I'm flying. My shit would go everywhere and I'd be sad :X Most other large suitcases I've found have either been super expensive.. or affordable with abyssmal customer ratings. There's only so many times you can read "The telescoping handle got jammed and I can't get it up" (hahah) or "the zipper broke on my first trip" before you know it's not just a fluke, you know? D: Anyway, hopefully it will get here before the con XD

I got a new separating zipper for the Cornelia costume, so I might make some massive headway on that jacket tonight. If I get the zipper in and replace the sleeve poof, I just have some embelleshes to put on, and I'm done. That'll still leave me with bootcovers, wig, and cape, but I'll feel better about getting shit done in time. D:


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