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Cheese-kun wtf?

While I was waiting on AX ticketing news, I downloaded some more Geass. (The Expo site is totally fucked, BTW. The crazy fangirls crashed the site and spent the rest of the day bitching about a 404. lawl. No telling when it's coming back up)

I'm over halfway through the first season now, and I can't help but remember every time there's an exciting battle sequence.... that mecha shows really don't do it for me D: Every time they get in one of their little fighting robots, I space out and imagine them all doing choreographed figure skating routines until Leeloo announces somthing in a dramatic voice and looks pissed off. It's been worth it to see that globular cheese monstrosity in action, though. Even though it was roughly explained in Makoto's journal, I still didn't know WTF it was all about. Everything is so much clearer now D:

Anyway, I've been sewing and playing with the wig, but for all I've managed to get done so far, I really have nothing to show for it XD I did finish a glove today! And it looks cool! Craft foam under stretch vinyl looks awesome. It really would be perfect for any of the blocky wrist peices, etc underneath an Eva-type plugsuit. It's been a while since I've had a barrage of pointless photos, though, so I figured I'd show off what an awesome color "hot purple" is on a wig, and my finished glove.. and the not-finished-ness of my jacket. :X
I promise it will look so much better when I finish tacking down the butt flaps and sew in the rest of the sleeves& the zipper XD But I figured... it just seems like it's been so long since I've posted any ghetto-tacular in-progress photos on my dress form. I didn't even bother to put the red mage on the dress form, so yeah. I really do like the way the gloves are turning out, though.

On to the in-progress section of my cosplay.com photo gallery! D:
Yee haw!


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