HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Tickets! D:

Thank you to all the people who called/emailed to let me know the tickets were up! :D
While I have not been a creepy forums stalker, like some of the people on the expo forums, I have had the Expo site up on my browser all day every day since they initially announced the sale of premier tickets XD About 10-15 min before the tickets were supposed to go up, the site kinda stopped working because it was getting hammered. It's been taking me forever to try and process this because it crashes so much. The fangirls on the forums are getting antsy and whiny, too. It's like... dude. Even if this was back "in the old days" where you had to redial ticketmaster 100000 times to try and get in for concert tickets before they sold out.... Be patient, god damn it! XD I figure.. I've waited 10 years to see some of these guys. I can be patient with a website for a while. Since everyone is having problems, I'm not really worried about them selling out before I get processed.
The sooner I get this over with, though, the better. I'm looking forward to having this taken care of, and behind me. One less thing to worry about, and all that.

I'm going to try to spend the rest of the day working on this jacket. I don't know why it's taking me so long, but this is a pretty complicated garment.. I guess XD
I need to finish the sleeves and put a zipper in. Then I need to trim and finish all the seams on the inside, since denim is one of the devil's fabrics. It's not THAT hard to sew, but it is thick where 3 peices come together. I had to get special needles to sew on this, and it frays like a motherfucker. And me without a serger XP I think this is going to be my new personal best technical acheivement costume :P (Past technical awards to go to Millena, most of Nick's costumes.. especially the ragnarok mage, green sayoran thing, and the Kline costume... and that doomed FMA commission)

Oh! ticket page is a 404 now. lawl! XD

Anyway... I bought an invisible zipper for the jacket, but I'm kind of wishing I'd thought it out more and bought a separating zipper. It's not too late to go and get another one, but I do need to measure it out. A separating zipper would be pretty uber, but I really can't have a whole lot of burgandy zipper visible in the front for after I put the gold shit across the boobs. I did cut my sexy stripper gloves yesterday, though. Hooray for ebay. I srsly didn't want to have to sew my own vinyl gloves for my first legit glove pattern project. They're pretty hot, though.

I also picked up some wig conditioner at Sally's, along with some super huge rollers. I'm going to try heat setting the wig later today if the jacket goes smoothly. I'm a little nervous about heat setting, but it's the only way I know to get a nice wave in the wig without too much hairspray. I'm going to need assloads of hairspray for other stuff, so I don't want to load the wig down with product when I can get away with using other tricks first. I've never heat-set a wig before, though, so I have to be careful not to melt the fibers. I might have to find a wig to practice on first, so I know how much heat it takes XP Argh.


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