HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

ooh! Wig!

I got my wig in today! It needs a lot of styling to make it look right, but I love the color. I may put a few highlights in it to give it a little variation, but "hot purple" is a great color XD I ALMOST have everything I need to finish the costume now. I don't have the buttons I need because I forgot to buy them. And I'm about out of the only spool of thread that I have that matches the color of this denim, so I'll have to hit the fabric store soon. Maybe tomorrow. I do need to get out to the grocery store and get things to pack Matt's lunch for his next work week, so I may do it then. I want to work on the gloves and boots but I've been telling myself I need to finish the jacket first. I'm putting the buttflap lining in tonight, and then I'll probably work on sleeves until I get a chance to buy more thread, since I can't topstitch without the right color. I have absolutely no guilt whatsoever in topstitching everything on this costume BECAUSE it's denim, and I don't feel like I should have been ironing it all. bwaha

Oh.. I really don't think I'll ever applique the last white triangle on that red mage costume either.. it would be so uncharactaristic of me to actually finish a costume, right? D:

I will post photos when I have more of this jacket done, because the wig color really is very fun


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