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June is a busy month!

It looks like I'm in the clear between now and the 18th. On the 18th, I go in for jury duty. I honestly don't mind serving, but I am a little worried about getting picked. With the True Colors concert on the 23rd, and Expo the week after that, I don't want any schedule conflicts. The waco courthouse site says you can request time off for pre-scheduled vacations, but that they're not under any sort of obigation to guarantee those times off. It really just sounds like they like to listen to people grovel. They also said that if you fail to show up, you can get fined 100 bucks and/or thrown in jail for 3 weeks (which sounds really exciting too!)

bleahahfhghghg. I really want to participate and do my civic duty and all that shit.. and normally I have absolutely nothing exciting going on in my life, but damn. June is not good :O

In other cosplay news, I got both my shoes AND my gloves in the mail. My wig is hopefully on the way, and I'm getting close to completion on my jacket. I'm about out of thread of the right color, which is bad.. but I drafted a collar and sewed it on. All I need to do now is line the buttflaps (I'm not lining the whole thing), add the fake pockets, make the sleeves, and put the zipper in. Then I'm halfway done! It would pretty much be a finished garment, but I do need to put all the accents on the font, and those need to have wire inside. I may have time for the cape if they don't go nutzo with the jury duty, but I have to see what time& packing space will allow. I'm getting kind of nervous about this con. Mostly because I'm very spoiled, and I like cons that are inside hotels, and rooms inside those hotels. I won't have much of a choice on when I get to change. I'm thinking about bringing some flipflops or somthing so if my shoes start to kill me, I can run around in the flipflops XD

I'm also getting antsy for the right tickets to go on sale because I want to have that over and taken care of. I don't like having so much crap up in the air when I don't know anything about the place I'm going to. >:(

Back to sewing..


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