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We were going to see a movie this week. It was going to either be Hot Fuzz or Pirates. We missed Hot Fuzz, so we'll have to wait for DVD release now :( Very much sad face. We decided to try and see pirates, but since it didn't open until Friday, that left us with weekend opening showings, FOR THE LOSE
We decided to try Monday anyway, and missed like.. the first 3 showings we were thinking about getting out to. We finally got out of the house for a 2pm showing. It was pouring outside, and the theatre was packed. We ended up having to park at the back of the lot. Not a big deal to walk, but by the time we got to the ticket booth, we were soaking wet, and the theatre had sold out of all Pirates tickets until 3:30 because it's a national holiday today.
Since Matt didn't think he'd be able to stay awake through the whole movie at a later showing (and he didn't want to come back later) we scrapped our movie plans for the day. Originally, things were going to be awesome today! We were going to go out to an early matinee of Pirates, then head out to a sit-down restaurant for some dinner and come home to fart around on iRO or whatever. Instead, we got soaked to the bone, couldn't get tickets for the movie, and since we were soaked, Matt didn't want to go to a sit down place. We ended up getting some fast food, coming home, and sitting grumpy in bad moods together in the computer room.

What a great day D:

It'll be another week before I have another chance to see a movie >..< And by then, I'll know everything about the goddamned picture since it will be out for 2 1/2 weeks before I get to go. RAWR >:(

I'm still trying to figure out how to make things work for Expo. I registered for a badge, and plane tickets arn't a problem. I'll be there no matter what.. I just don't know where I'm staying yet. I have a few options, so hopefully I can make things work. -..- I almost don't want to work on things today because it already feels like the kind of day where anything I try might go wrong. (and I really should sew today)


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