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Sewing& conventions

So A-kon is like.. this weekend?

I'm not going. I still get the mailer, and I didn't think the con was that close. The mailers still always show up saying "(no subject)" with a ton of errors that are then corrected in the next mailer. And I was still waiting for a guest of honor announcement. Seriously. I went last year because my brother had that room situation. They're not going this year because of money stuff, though. If I happened to go to that convention, there's one autograph I'd try to get a hold of, and that's from the guy who wrote The Last Unicorn. There's no one else interesting to me that I won't be seeing at Animefest in a few months. And I think that's really sad. It really feels to me like A-kon doesn't have any sort of focus or goals in growth as a convention. I know people who still work hard for that con, though, so I can't imagine that being the case. But I see it this way: A-kon has always said it is an animation convention, not an anime convention. That being t6he case, the last time I remember them having any sort of guest dealing with REGULAR animation was like.. 6+ years ago when they had the Jimmy Neutron guys there. And the anime fans had a shitfit. It's the kind of situation, IMO where if you want to be animation-in-general, bring in more American animation voice talent. Hell, I would make the trip if Maurice LaMarche or Billy West were going to be there. I think Tara Strong has gone on the convention circuit a few times, but she's doing a lot of anime/videogame work now too. There's a reason there are a million different Texas conventions. Cons like Animefest bring in guests I get excited about damned near every year. Ugh, nevermind. Complaining here really won't make the con better, and there's nothing more I can really do to show my displeasure than not giving them any money. I haven't given them $$ in years. It won't hurt them that I don't go, so it's really just pointless. And I'm certainly not starting a con. That's a mess.

I wonder if Afest has updated their website recently. I looked the other day and didn't see anything about guests. XD They really could use an overhaul of the website. It's a nice site, but I don't think it gets updated that often, and I have no clue who will be there this year XD Those guys have always been wonderful to me, though, so I'll always keep going. I love the hotel they are in, I love the staff of the hotel, I love the con, etcetc. They're just awesome. I need to talk to Suzie and see if she needs me for anything this year O..o I think they got some other cosplayers doing all their panels now, (which is fine since doing panels by yourself isn't much fun) and I don't do Iron Cosplay anymore.. so basically last year, I was involved in a few roundtable discussions with Lysariala and Jbuns (lots of fun), and judged the cosplay. I wouldn't mind doing that again this year, but if she doesn't need me, I kinda need to preorder my badges. XD hahaha

So anyway...because A-kon is so close... I'm kind of freaking out about my sewing stuff. Not because I'm doing anything for the con, but because Emily was talking about maybe driving down and visiting. That would be AWESOME, but I want a sizable ammount of product to send with them if they do visit. I finished 5 peices yesterday, and I'm hoping to do another 9+ today. I found that I work a lot better if I cut all my peices out beforehand. If I don't get get distracted easily, and everytime it's time to cut out new peices, I end up procrastinating and doing somthing else. So if I cut it all out before hand, it's easier to chain me down to the machine. So yesterday, I finished all the peices I had cut out and then cut out peices for today. If I can do all those today, and cut out peices for tomorrow, I should be able to meet the numbers I promised for Afest by the end of the week. If I send those off with Emily, and keep up my productivity, I can probably meet the same numbers by Afest and still get my costume done.

Matt bought me a new flash card, so as soon as I have somthing interesting to take pictures of again, there's nothing stopping me. :X I may take a few pictures of the lolita explosion after I get more peices done. I actually did take a few pictures earlier of a project that totally wasn't working out for me. But you get a SMALL taste of the lace& ribbon disaster here and here. Actually, looking back on those photos now... the table looks at least three times worse now. Senpu keeps stealing a particular length of red cording off the table and dragging it away with him. It's really funny XD


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