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The first skirt is kinda done. I decided to do it with the black, but it turns out I didn't have enough of one type of black for the whole thing. To be a highland shepherd, you need THREE panels, but I was only able to cut two. Because I didn't quite have enough for three, I made the two panels the full width of the cloth I did have, and put a small panel in the back. No one will know, because the damned thing weighs a ton. I measured out my elastic for the waistband, cut it shorter than I needed, and put it in, and it's still too lose. I'm going to have to take the waist in again. I thought I had taken into account the weight of the skirt, but I shouldn't have underestimated that much thin black suiting. -..- I thought about just making a bias tape casing around the inside seam where the elastic meets the skirt, and running some cording through there, but I don't know that I have any cording. I'll have to ghetto rig somthing by tomorrow, though, since the skirt is pretty heavy, and I don't like how it sits right now.

This brings me to my second problem.
I got fitted for superhappyawesome corset a few years ago for somthing that would fit me over a shirt. It doesn't take into account a million yards of gathered fabric at the waist. So, I'm trying to decide if I should make that second skirt, or scrap that idea and make this other thing I was thinking about. It's just going to be a 2-4 paneled hip-hugging belt aobut 5 inches wide made out of that grey snakeskin, with grommets between the panels and gold& black cording. In my mind, it looks really cool, and would be a great way to cover the waistband of the skirt, let the waistband sit lower on my hips, and still be able to fit the black leather corset on top of the shirt without a million yards of gathered fabric getting in the way.
I kinda do like the look of the second skirt gathered on top of the first, though.
I guess I could do both? But that would be way too bulky at the hips I think. I can't decide. I'll probably continue on the overskirt because I have it sewn and hemmed already. I just need to gather it, put a waistband on it, and make some ties. I still want to do the other thing too, though. I guess first thing's first. The chemise XP
Srsly..... last minute projects, wtf.
I don't know why I do this to myself. I finish it in time to prove to myself that I can, but I rush myself so I'm rarely happy with the end results. If I took more time, I know I could make somthing super awesome that I'd be happy with, but I procrastinate so much there's no way I'd finish somthing early, you know? Just look at that red mage Refia costume. I've taken my time with it, and so far, it looks awesome. I'm just going to end up rushing the bloomers& bootcovers, though, and never finishing the applique in the front, and my mistakes will get to me when I actually wear the costume, and I'll hate it. XP You'd think if I was so predictable, I'd be able to do somthing about it, but I still end up procrastinating and hating myself later for it.


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