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Non-period period sewing in 2 days or less!

I decided to finally sew somthing I could wear with that awesome pendragon corset I got at scarborough a few years ago. I decided this last weekend when Celine was visiting. Today is Thursday. I've... done very little -..-

I decided that before I worked on the costume, I would get my ass in gear and finish that last roll of cat ears for the summer con hats. I got those out of the way and decided to work on the skirt. Granted, I've never done any sort of renfest sewing before, so I didn;t really plan on doing anything fancy. I have that gorgeous purple velvet I DO plan on using for my jusacourps eventually. But 1 week is not enough time for that project. I'm going to do that one properly and it will take me forever. So I can't do it quite yet. I decided to make some basic wenchy-type costume because I figured it would be easiest. But I didn't really put too much thought into it after that. Oops.

For my chemise/whiny poet shirt/thing, I bought some linen-look stuff. It was on sale, super cheap, etcetc. But the best part is the fact that it LOOKS kinda like a roughly-woven linen, but the weave it tight and it's actually really soft. Very impressive stuff. So, I bought a ton of that to use to make the shirt thing. I didn't buy a pattern for it, and the one I made for Matt that one halloween turned out pretty badly.. but since this is a woman's top, I'm totally stringing everything with elastic. I figured I'd use this scottish highland woman's dress pattern. It looks vaguely rennie, but I really just bought it for that Princess Bride dress I made way back when. It has big, amazing, poofy sleeve, so if anything, I figured I'd use the sleeve pattern. Oh. I think I also used it for Gogo's shirt. Oh yeah :O
Anyway.. I'm sure I can modify that. If I hack the neck open and put some elastic in there, I'm sure it'll work just fine.

And the skirt.. ugh
It's just a regular circle skirt I think?
I don't know. I'm finding conflicting information online, and I haven't been able to find a parttern that I like *anywhere*
Apparently all the closet seamstresses that make these and sell them on their websites are pretty secretive about stuff. I haven't found any quality close ups of any of these skirts, no patterns online, nothing. So, I'm going with the miss highland sheepherder skirt pattern, since it just looks like a huge circle skirt. I tried just sewing a few big rectangles together and gathering them up with this pretty dark green suiting I have. ( I was going to re-make my Tsunade coat one of these days, but I kept taking this green suiting home to find out I hated the colors for that project). Unfortunately, I didn't really have enough, so while the skirt was wide enough, and gathered enough, it was too short. So, I figured I'd make a mock second-skirt to put over the first, and put some ties in it to make it look like a second skirt gathered up. Gogo wench powers, activate!

The problem (for me) is the bottom skirt, and the coloring.
The leather corset is black with purple& silver ribbon trim. The top is going to be white, and probably won't have any trim whatsoever so I can use it for any of a bajillion costumes in the future.
If the top skirt is dark green, I'm not sure how that will match. Green/black/purple/white seems ok to me though.
And the bottom skirt... Well, I don't really want to go out and buy more fabric. I do, however, have enough of a very nice black wool suiting to make the skirt. I think. It's the largest yardage of any solid color I have, except for some purple cotton I bought for another project. But this is BRIGHT purple. And I'm not sure if that would be a good choice. The purple would definitely match the corset, but I'm not sure it would match the overskirt. And if it did match all of the above, I'm not sure how good the outfit would look as a whole, since the purple is very bright. And if this is like a peasant/wench type costume, they wouldn't wear purple anyway since indigo was an expensive dye reserved for royalty.

That being said, this costume will be FAR FAR FAR from accurate period garb, but I'm not sure I want to go THAT far with a bright purple skirt.
And I don't know if a black skirt with a black corset would be... overall... too much black. The top is going to be white, and I'm planning on buying a big, wide-brimmed hat with a fancy plume... plus I'm bringing sunblock, so I'm not too worried about sun/heat. I'm worried about the overall look of a non-period costume two days before I need to wear it with nothing sewn. Go me?

I suppose it wouldn't be a problem if I just went out and bought a large yardage of some random color I could be happy with. But seriously? I have too much fabric at the house already. There's no reason to buy more to be super anal about somthing I'll probably wear once every other year (or whenever I go to the renfaire). And how ironic is that, coming from a cosplayer? I want to do this on the cheap, since I don't exactly go there that often, but I still want it to look better than I looked when I wore some ugly jeans and a black velvet top last time I went XP

RAWR. I'm just going to procrastinate and watch the new episode of Dragon Ball Bleach. (It's really starting to get bad :( )


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