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I love Netflix

It's not that I hate leaving my house to rent movies.. because I do...
But I like being able to sit on one as long as I need to. And since they just mail them to me, I don't feel guilty at all renting things I wouldn't normally be seen with.
Plus, you really can't beat the intarwebs foreign movie selection vs Hastings.

We saw the Prestige the other night. I kept confusing it with the Illusionist, thugh, since they're both on the list and about magicians :X
Illusionist hasn't reached the house yet.
Anyway.. <3 David Bowie. I recognized him right away and giggled and clapped like a retard when his character was introduced. Really excellent performance from him. Akuma didn't recognize him and wondered why I was acting like an idiot when he showed up :X
Unfortunately, I saw right through the movie, and no one had even spoiled it before hand >:(
I'm not one of those people that takes great joy in proclaiming "Well.. **I** saw it coming a mile away!" and it's really not that hard to fool me. I've heard people say they saw right through the 6th sense, but I totally fell for that one.

Lack of spoilers version for the Prestige:

Dude. Bad direction gave away the ending to me. By trying to cut certain main characters out of the scene, filming the backs of their heads, and shooting too much on things like facial prosthetics, I knew what was coming from the first flashback :/ BOOOOO

We also saw Spidey 3 last night. I also remembered why we go to matinees. There were at least 2 crying babies, 3 cel phones, and a loud family sitting in front of us screaming things like "OH SNAP" and "AWESOME!!" and clapping when Stan Lee showed up, etc. all through the film. Crying babies at a 10:30PM showing. And that movie was like 3 hours long.
Spider-man 3= That episode of South Park where Stan goes goth.
It wasn't a horrible movie. But yeah. Parts of it were just embarassing to watch.

I'm sewing right now, but I think that when I'm done with the "slaving over the sewing machine" part, I might pop in the other movie we've got at the house right now.
It's a russian sci-fi somthing or other I heard about a while back. It sounded really exciting, and I found it on Netflix. It's called "Nochnoy Dozer", or "Night watch." From what I've read about it, it's the first part of a trilogy based on some successful set of russian fantasy/scifi novels. The movie is also apparently very dissappointing if you've read the book, but it's got tons of special effects and whatever. It sounded cool :X
I'll let you guys know how it is. Still waiting on a domestic release of the Casshern live action movie >:(

and I just took a very large swig of a warm diet Dr. P of unknown age.
Ugh gross

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