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I'm still pumping out stuff for Afest. I'm making a few peices a day, but it's going a little more slowly than I expected. I think it's because I'm taking the extra time to make these as durable and high-quality as possible. I can't cut corners like I do for my own stuff. I think they will get faster with time, though.
I'm still frustrated with my new hand-drafted patterns. I haven't gone back to revise them. I started making some other stuff in the meantime while I think about them. And I still have all that elastic to work with.

When I was at Jo Ann's the other day, I bought this awesome remnant. It's a dia de los muertos theme, but from a distance it almost looks like a victorian-type woodblock print fabric. You know.. the kind with couples carrying parasols and picknicking, etc. Except this one is all of dressed skeletons doing various things on a cream background. It's really awesome stuff. Unfortunately, I only found it in the remnant bin. I don't actually have enough to do anything significant with it, but it's such a cool print I couldn't pass it up.

I'm finally caught up on housework, too. I swear, everytime Ray visits, all the damned dishes in the house end up dirty. So I got laundry folded, dishes done, lots of scrubbing done, etc. The two biggest things weighing on my mind right now are the peices I'm making now (Trying to get as many done as possible before A-kon, even though I'm not planning on going) and the damned racoons in the roof. It's hard to ignore them because they're sumo wrestling up there.
Our trap came in today and Akuma put it together, baited it, and put it up on the roof. I'm hoping we'll catch one of them tonight. If we could get one a night, we'd be racoon-free by the end of the week! :O And then we can work on getting the roofers out to repair the damage.

I keep forgetting to talk to Akuma about a new flash card. He knows it's broken because I told him about it back when it happened, but we keep forgetting to do anything about it. I'd like to take some photos of my red mage Refia costume and all the other stuff I've been working on. If anything, I'd like to save it for posterity. I regret not taking more extensive photos of commissions I've done in the past, so I want to do this better this time. It'll also help me remember designs so I can make more of a particular style if nessesary.

I've also been playing iRO. :X Still. Shhh :X It's so ghetto. I don't know why I came back to it, but I'm having fun with it, so I can't feel THAT guilty.


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