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Magical project.. H!

Well.. I've been trying to swallow Anne Rice's The Vampire Armand. This is the first pleasure-reading I've had the chance to do in a long, long time. It's unfortunate that I started up again with this. I love Rice's writing style.. but this book, as with Pandora (and bits of Memnoch) Are just not up to par with the rest of her work. It's really dissappointing to be reading about so much sex. That's not why I read the vampire chonicles to begin with. Besides.. I thought she had a pseudonym to write all that sukebe crap under. I'm not into hentai.. gomen.. and I really dont' want to read about all the sexual things Marius does to Armand before Armand is "brought over." I admit, there were sexual tones int eh previous chronicles.. How could there not be? But her craft wove them deftly into the story without making it a distraction. It was easy to understand the kind of love between two characters... For me, at least. Most people I know hated teh chronicles and thought all the characters were gay. I knew otherwise.. and still do..but the blatant sex in Armand is starting to annoy me... I wonder if I'll finish it. It's sitting on my toilet, and everytime I feel like spending a little while in there, I read a page or two. It seems appropriate this way.
Also.. I'm feelign rather depressed. Fukuya is going out of business. Fukuya is/was the coolest asian market I know of. It was small and family-run... and it is/was in Dallas. I was able to get all sorts of goodies there and try new things as well. I went today,and there are notices everywhere that they are selling *everything.* It made me very sad.. but I was able to buy some of the tapes they had for rent. I was VERY tempted to buy up all their tapes of Music shows like Music station and Hey!x3.. but that would have cost quite a bit.. So.. I settled with a Sailor Moon musical. It's over 2 hours long, and I bought one of their copies of it for 12 bucks. It was well worth the money.. but bittersweet, because this time.. I know they're really leaving. I bought 3 bags of konnyaku, the biggest thing of strawberry pocky they had.. soem fruit chewy.. two rice bowls, two tea cups, and a sushi matt. I don't know where else I would get a bamboo sushi-rolling matt, and it was only 2.50... so I bought it. It was sad because everything was on sale.. I really wish that place didn't have to go. It was one of the only reasons I bothered to go up to Dallas anymore. Planet Anime is horribly over-priced... OCS stopped carrying books& magazines.. Fukuya's going baibai... Where are all my anime/J-rock connections going? On a brighter note.. we foudn the Tower records in Dallas, and I got a copy of Feb.'s Fool's Mate with DeG on the cover. I still can't get over Kyo's peircings. He looks frightening now. I don't think I'd like peircings like that..
I want to scan in some gargoyle vs Cali/Gari pictures for Tokio-chan..but she already has some scans from that issue.. so... ::shrugs::
Cali/gari had a damned funny New Year's message.. They drew a naked man who's penis had turned into a snake (year ofthe snake!) and was eating a fly off a pile of sh*t on a table next to him. The random english text was funny, too...I also got some of the Kubrick Eva leggo things...
I'm still pretty darn broken up over Fukuya, though... It makes me terribly sad...


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