HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Water heater aftermath

Because of the leak in the copper connecting pipes, a ton of water got underneath the floor. It seeped into the hallway and got under the carpet. The plumber fixed everything, but there was still water everywhere. We bought one of those new Bissell Spotbots a month or two ago. Our old spot cleaner had broken, and we need one bad just to clean up after the cat when he pukes. And he pukes a lot.
So anyway, we had this new cleaner, and it has this neat hose attachment that sucks, and I used it to suck up a lot of the water. I know I didn't get it all, but I did the best I could. Problem is, apparently under the carpet is a VERY dirty place, so all the water I sucked up was filthy. And the water I didn't manage to pull up is slowly staining the carpet. So now I have to go back and re-clean half the hallway so we don't have water stains everywhere. I think the linoleum on the floor in the closet under the water heater is warped now too. But that's somthing to worry about for another time.

I'm worried about creeping black mold.
I'm allergic to mold in general, and I'm worried that my allergies acting up these past two days are a sign of a problem. So, all I can really do is clean up the carpet and wait for things to dry out and hope. The other option is ripping up the carpet entirely, which is not somthing that gives me happy thoughts -..-

In sewing news, I'm getting a lot done! I haven't worked on my costume at all, but I bought a crapton of trim& lace yesterday. Hopefully I will be able to make some neat and unique stuff that people will like. It would really make me smile to see people wearing my items around at cons. And with what I'm going to be making, I won't have to worry about people abusing them so much since they'll be durable and won't take an IQ over 30 to wear correctly. :X This is also a way for me to get rid of a lot of old fabric. I have scraps of some really nice stuff, like beautiful brocades and velvets that I can't make large peices with, but I can definitely work into smaller items. Once I get a new flash card for the camera, I'll be able to share pictures!


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