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We ordered a trap online. Hopefully it should be in sometime this week.
I thought for sure we could just pick one up in town, but apparently home depot, lowe's and tractor supply are out of the size graded for cats/racoons/etc. Once we get the trap set, we'll be able to slowly start carting them off to animal control. They should just be called "Happy Funtime Animal Taxi Service" since according to them, they arn't "happy funtime controlling of wild animals more than 2 feet above the ground and not within a residence or within crawlspaces of a residence because ladders are dangerous and people might sue"

My brother offered to make a snare with some piano wire, but when I asked him what he was planning on doing with them when they were hanging by an arm/leg/head and pissed off at the world, he was at a loss.

Instead, we had him play with the chainsaw and get rid of the branches that fell down in the front yard when it rained last week. He always visits when it's been raining 3 days straight. It makes it tough for him to do yardwork when everything is wet, but he comes up for the cash and free food anyway. And we don't have to go outside and do the work. So it's great.

Since I quit WoW, I've only confirmed my suspicions that I'd be wasting time on some other video game anyway. I downloaded and installed the Granado Espada client, but the beta servers are down right now, so I can't try it out :( I did renew my iRO account, though. When I was interested in WoW, I remember logging onto my iRO account a few times and thinking "Wow, this is ghetto." And it really is. But it's fun. And for some reason, I've really been enjoying playing the past few days and not getting my ass handed to me by other players while I'm trying to kill monsters. I forgot how much fun this game could be. I just remember back when I quit, how tired I was of the gameplay and game mechanics. Even back when I renewed it a few times throughout the past year, I'd log on... look at my cute hats... and decide I really didn't feel like going and spending hours killing monsters. But now it's fun again. I'm not sure how long that feeling will last, but I think it's kind of funny I can go back to it after a year and have fun with it again. If I was one of those crazy people that yelled in town "HAY I'M QUITTING AND I'M DROPPING ALL MY STUFF ON THE GROUND. HAVE FUN FIGHTING OVER IT!!!!oneoneone" then I know I wouldn't come back, because I'd be starting from scratch. But you know what? It was kind of fun starting from scratch and relearning the game when I renewed a few days ago. I'd been away so long, I forgot a lot about the game, so starting a little novice and working my way up not only gave me somthing to do, but it gave me a refresher course on the game. And there are so many new towns and dungeons I haven't seen. It should be fun? Maybe? I've gotten to kill a few minibosses, and there's like.. NO ONE on the server anymore. It always seems so empty now.

Past Sakaray people might get a kick out of this, though:
There are still some of the old WoE guilds around. WTF? haha
I've already seen Noblisse Oblige, Final Retribution, Warrior Nation, and Flying Clams Forever wandering around. Though apparently last night, there was some huge dramabomb and Noblisse Oblige split up. I'm glad I came back in time to see that? XD
Seriously, though.. I was pretty surprised to see so many old guild names around. I didn't recognize any of the player names except for RockSolid, though. And I didn't even know that dude. So yeah :P Anyway.. enough gamespam

I haven't done a damned thing on my Red Mage costume since I got all that work done on the Jacket. I'm at a dangerous point right now where I feel like the costume is almost done, so it's ok to slack. This is the point I always find myself at.. so I can reliably say I won't do anything else on this costume until the day before the con, where I will promptly freak out, try to finish it all at once, and have half-assed results. I will then proceed to wear the costume anyway and be pissy and dissappointed about how the costume did not turn out.

Though.. as cute as the jacket's turned out, I have a hard time beleiving that XD
I hung it up on the CD rack behind the couch, so it would remind me to work on it. Instead, I pass by it and look at it with admiration and walk on :X Figures

~~As a side note- I just saw that they're going to have a sale of permenant LJ accounts soon. They haven't said when, or how long it will be (Probably a time based on an unspoken quota/limit) but they have said it will be 150 dollars. I think I am going to do this. I really regretted not doing it last time I remember them having a permenant account sale, and that was a few years ago. Not to mention I missed early adopter status by like a month and a half. So yeah
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