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I'm tired of racoon wrasslin'

It's been like 2 weeks and they're still there. It's really driving me nuts. I got tired waiting for Akuma to do somthing about it. I know he's been trying. He's left like 3 calls with the critter control people and even brought out other pest guy down to do somthing about it. But the critter people that are SUPPOSED to deal with this sort of thing don't return our calls, and orkin surprised us with the large mammal identification :P They don't do that sort of thing.
So today I got fed up and just decided to call animal control. I mean, from all those shows I see on animal planet, I know they have a long pole with a looped cord on the end, and somthing like that would be perfect to pull these buggers down.

Well.. from my adventures with the coral snake in my front yard a few years ago, I knew that our dear Waco animal control was a small place with people on call and whatnot. What I didn't know is that they apparently don't have a phone number. You can't just call animal control. You have to call the police department and ask them to get animal control to call you back. (This is how it happened the first time, but I didn't call animal control right away. I freaked out and called the police because those guys seem like they know what to do with panicky people)

When animal control called me back, I told them there were 3 racoons in the roof, and they basically said TOO BAD!!!!
Waco animal control is not allowed to retreive animals from attics or under houses. I told him it WASN'T in my attic, becase I don't have an attic. He said somthing about going in houses, and I told him it wasn't like that. I suppose it is technically INSIDE the house because it is not... outside the house..
But it's not inside the living portion of the house. You don't even have to enter the house to gain entry to the raccoons. All you have to do is climb up a ladder, and put the magic pole of animal retreival inside. There's not a big space in there. You just go fishing.
He said they can't do that. So.. I have come to this conclusion:

Waco Animal Control is not allowed to climb ladders.

They said I had to go out and buy a trap and trap the animals myself, and call them to pick them up. Bunk.
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