HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

D: They arn't squirrels......

We finally got someone to come out about the mystery critters in the roof. We had our regular orkin guy come out to give us advice since we couldn't get anyone else to come out and get anything bigger. He offered to take care of it with sticky strips if they were somthing small like rats/mice/chipmunks.

But they're not.

We have 3 racoons living in the roof XD

That's so much worse.. and those things carry rabies...

But I can't stop laughing XD HAHAHA

Anyway.. I think we're going to get one of those no-kill traps that shuts behind the animal and doesn't kill it. Then we'll catch them and call.. I guess animal control or somthing...
Which will probably kill them anyway... >..<

Poor racoons. But I think it's utterly hilarious for some reason
Tags: racoons


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