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And.. in true fashion to myself.. I've stopped doing anything productive!

Actually, i've been too lazy to get out to the store and get what I need to finish the top. And stubbornly, I want to finish the top before I do anything else. In a roundabout way, it's my excuse for not getting a damned thing done.

While I've been keeping up with the housework, I haven't exactly shown any initiative on it. However, while I've been taking inventory of my fabric scraps for possible use on sewing projects, etc, I've been slowly whittling away at the bags of useless junk sitting around.
I seem to remember cannibalizing them for findings earlier in the year when I sorted out my three smaller rubbermaid storage bins, but there are still a ton of fabric remnants from Gogo in there. I would have another entire bin for storage if I could only find somthing to do with all this brown fur. Because of that, I've been looking at things I could make involving fake fur. I don't want to fall into the con trap of selling lots of tacky furry ears and tails. I am so tempted, though, just to get rid of all this excess. I wonder if people would be interested in tails that stand up like my Norn one? Everyone seems to like that one, and all the tails I see them selling at cons are simple ones you tie to your belt-loop. The thing is.. the tubing doesn't exactly make them travel freindly, so it's a huge space investment for vendors. Slap-bracelet tails would be pretty sweet, though XD

Anyway.. I could make a million ears out of them, but brown isn't exactly a popular color. Everyone wants like.. black or white or grey, etc. Not brown and squirrel-colored :/ It doesn't match as well I guess. I might make up a few and see how they sell. I got a few design ideas for somthing cute based off of Bob's lolita illustrations that I think might work well with their booth. If I can't have multiples turned out for A-fest, I would still like a few prototypes ready for Emily by then.
(Incidentally, I had NO IDEA the new website was already up, and it looks great)

I have enough of some of these fabric scraps that I have to wonder how well purses/small handbags would go over. Those are a bit more work since I don't have a surger, but goddamn.. anything that I could do to use some of these fabric scraps would be great


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