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Am I the only one surprised at how much I'm getting done?

Whew.. a ton of hand-stitching done.

Two side applique triangles... DONE!
Front panel... DONE! From drafting to trim& buttons all in one day :O

Jacket/dress... not quite done XD

I still need some sort of velcro/closure on one side of the front panel...
And I discovered at the last minute that there's a big white triangle in the front& center. It's visible because the front panel I added has a triangle cut out. So.. I have the fabric and the fabric glue, but I'm all out of the single fold bias tape. :/ I need to hit up a fabric/craft store before I can completely finish it >..<

Plus, I do believe that I am now out of red fabric, so I don't have the fabric to make matching bloomers. I'm going to have to take a trio anyway XP
I really am half-tempted to wear the bloomers I made to go with my lolita, even though they are black with blue& gold trim. They SHOULDN'T be visible with this costume anyway. The bloomers are just to make me feel better about wearing black tights with the platform boots :X

Today I've eaten:
2 bannanas
2 grilled cheese sandwiches with 1 slice of sharp cheddar and 3 deli-thin slices of smoked turkey on buttermilk wheat
I'm about to eat an orange :O
And I can't remember if I had any waffles today or not, but I think the 3 blueberry waffles I ate was yesterday.
I've totally deviated from my planned diet of a few months ago, but I'm still doing ok. I've just switched from eating a salad every day to having all fruit for one meal. I really should switch this up before I get tired of it altogether.. haha

I also had an adventure in food yesterday night for dinner! It was exciting. I had never had couscous before, but I thought the name was hilarious, so I bought some. I had some really vauge notion that it was eaten similarly to rice... and I like rice, so what the heck, right?
The stuff I bought was tri-color. So, there were red grains, green grains, and white grains. I'm assuming this is like tri-color pasta with tomato/spinach/regular. It tasted like a cross between that and cream of wheat (without the creamy milk part).. which really makes sense considering it's a wheat product. Anyway.. I was really paranoid about cooking it correctly, but it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. My very first pot turned out nice and fluffy. It wasn't watery or gooey or mushy or anything. The texture was awesome.
So then... I was kind of at a loss as to what to do with it. I mean, I had this great pot of perfectly steamed couscous stuff, and no idea of what to put on it. So I dumped the last of the leftover curry on top of it XD
I can't really say it was a mistake per se, because it tasted really good..
But considering it was a sauce dumped on smallish granules....

I really have to admit that it looked very unattractive. It was like a brown grainy paste after it had mixed together.. It really did look gross.

But it tasted great XD And it really filled me up. I wasn't sure how filling it was going to be, but I do think that couscous is much more filling than rice or pasta. I need to find some other things to do with it. I've thought about trying to make a risotto with it, or "fried rice" with couscous. Most recipies I've seen just say you cook a bunch of vegetables and meat and dump it on top. It really does seem to be great stuff XD

No one else in the house wanted to try it of course.. but he never tries my cooking experiments, even when they turn out very well and taste great. He's so stubborn. But I feel kind of accomplished?
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