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Strange day of strange events....::sigh::

Something weird always happens on the day where we travel back in time, ne? We're not actually revisiting ourselves, but it sounds more romantic that way. I ment to make this post on Sat., but there were so many people at the house, they took up all the comps on the network to play videogames, and I'm writing this at 2:17 which is now 1:17. Ho hum. In any case, I won 1st place in the student worker pumpkin-painting contest....not surprising given there wern't more than three entries...but anyways... I'm still happy about it. The topic of my pumpkin was... guess..
Kyo. I'll probably UL a picture after I get one. It doesn't look too much like kyo, but it's cute.
The other major item of the day (aside from having 7 people over at the house- 2 nice freinds, 2 exes, and three people I didn't even know) was teh phone call I got at the first 1:00 am... it was for me, I guess.. it was to this phone number.. in any case, this girl was speaking very softly, and I couldn't hear her too well. It sounded like she was asking for *me*.. now, I asked her to repeat herself, but I couldn't make out what she was saying... it sounded like my last name... and my last name isn't that common. I told her that I thought she had the wrong number.. .her voice was so soft and almost kind of sad or worried sounding. She asked if it was ***-**** (My phone number :P) and I said it was... she said "ok" and hung up. It wasn't until the moment that I hung the phone up that I began thinking about the call.. Only three people really know my number at Matt's house, and would have reason to call at 1 am- My parents (or whomever they would give this number to in case of emergency) My roommate in the dorms (Whome I had finished speaking to just a while ago) and Matt, who I talked to before and after the strange call... Which makes me think it might be somthing bad to be worried about. The sad fact is.. it's so late at night, I couldn't call home to find out. I guess I'll have to call them in the morning and see if they called. I mean, if it was somthing important from school or work or otherwise, they would have called at a more reasonable hour. I'm pretty worried about it, actually...I'm almost positive that she was saying my last name. Can't bet on the first name.. but almost definitely the last name.. which leads me to another question.. Why did I tell her she had the wrong number if she had the right one all along? I hope it's nothing for me to worry about........but I can't help but worry....
What a vicious circle. I think I need some sleep.
More on the strange encounter with many people tomorrow, probably.


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