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Kireina yoru dakara

DVDs... the wave of the future...ha.
Well.. I like them at least.. and I'm growing dangerously fond of the chinese kind. I managed to pick up a rip-off uncoded DVD of DeG's Osaka Jo Hall show.. as well as a lareine DVD- MTV music videos+Letter to lily charlotte tape on 1 DVD. We got a Lunasea DVD a while back that had a concert& the Sin after Sin videos on it. We're also picking up subtitled anime that isn't coming out in the U.S. -..-** Berserk is a really good anime& manga series.. it was licensed at one point in time, but after the Japanese company would not license DVD rights, it was dropped like a diseased whore. So.. we're getting a boot-legged type version. Sure, the English subtitles are hard to understand and absolutely hilarious.. but when you love the series so much you already know what happens.. it doesn't matter too much when they do things like translate "Baka" to "shithead"... as they did in the Angel Sanctuary OAVS.. but seriously.. how long would you have to wait to see them in the U.S.? There's been a dangerous trend to announce that things are going to be english-only. I think this is really... really...really Stupid considering the advantages of DVD.. hopefully, these few and stupid will change their minds. I don't want what happened to Sailor Moon to happen to Excel Saga. ::sigh::


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