HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Wow, arn't I just Miss Motivated today?

Got the collar done on the dress thing. It turns out I can still jam my head through there (tightly) without having to put a zipper in. Considering how lazy I am, this is probably how it's going to end up. This means the only thing left on the jacket is the middle panel. Once I figure out the dimensions, this will go by super quickly. I've already decided to sew the dress shut in the middle, so the center panel isn't going to have any sort of enclosures on it. It's just going to be one big, interfaced peice of fabric. If I have enough red, I'm going to cut two, and line it. It's going to have six hugeass white buttons on it, with very wide white bands around the edges, and it's going to be sewn directly onto the dress on at least one side. I think I'm going to leave the bottom unattached,so there is some movement, but this is why it's important that I line it. I may leave it unattached on one side and close it with some velcro or somthing. I'm worried that the more layers I add, the tougher time I'll have jamming my head through the top. Also, in case I do decide to go back and put a small zipper in the front, I need access to it.

So I just have two white applique triangles on the sides, and that front panel, and the dress/jacket/top/thing is done. Then it's bloomers& bootcuffs and I have a costume done like 3-4 months before Afest. Holy cow! This will leave me time to sew something else if I decide to. But seriously.. I'm so unmotivated. I will probably bring the Red Mage Refia and the hide costume and call it done. I need to do some heavy repairs to Mayuri if I want to bring that one again, so I don't know that I'll bring him. I've worn him to a bajillion conventions in a row anyway. It's such a great costume, though. He only takes up 1 suitcase without having to carry anything by hand (since I made it for NDK& air travel), it's very comfortable, the makeup is minimal, and the end result is fanstastic. I love that costume so much just for how awesome and.. hmm.. utilitarian? it is. But I think it needs a break :O
hide takes up a very small ammount of room as well.. and Red Mage Refia won't take up much room either (but I'll have to carry/wear the hat). zomgz... huge hat
I'm trying to decide if I want to wear a wig with Refia. My regular hair is too long (even with this haircut) so I can't style it to flip out like hers. The red flippy wig I bought for the dammeko doubutsu group is probably too short, but it's flippy. Then I have the blond chacha wig. I don't know. I'll figure somthing out.

I could always make that whacktard kingdom hearts costume I was thinking of... but that seems like a lot of work..

I don't know if Suzie is going to want me to work this con or not. I haven't really been into cosplay much at all these past two+ years, but I still like judging the contests.

I have been trying really hard to motivate myself to sew some stuff to bring to Bob& Emily's table. We talked about it over a year ago, and I never really got serious about it, so I feel pretty bad. If I could sew up at least 30ish small things, that should be good for Afest if they do well. It's hard to say. Maybe I will magically get cosplay happy again after finishing this costume and make some stuff to actually make some extra money. We're not hurting, but I think it would really help my self esteem to feel more productive.
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