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I'm sewing today! hahaha

I realized today that the coat/dress/thing I made for my red mage is way too big. I mean, yes, I want it to be rediculously big, but it looks baggy in the butt, so I tailored it in just a little bit in the back above the hips. After I put a petticoat under it, I think it will help a lot.

I also hemmed the bottom, the cuffs, and put the white trim on the cuffs. I still need to actually make the collar and sew it on, and put the white triangles on the bottom sides of the dress thing. Oh yeah, and make the front panel.

I was really amazed that I could pop my head out the top though. I figured I'd sew the front up and put a zipper in, but I can put my head through without much trouble. I was only going to put a short zipper in anyway.. and it will be hidden by the front panel..
But now I'm trying to decide whether or not I still want to do that. I guess it depends on whether or not I can still put my head through after I sew the collar on.

If I can finish this top soon, the costume will be like 80% finished. All that will remain after the top will be the boot covers& neckercheif thing. I've decided since the boots are black, I'll find the black costume swashbuckler gloves I bought for that Dread Pirate Roberts costume and use those. It really is a pity that the boots we got for that costume are sized for Akuma and not me, because those would be awesome. Still, I think things will look good with the cute little fake boot cuffs... (I hope)
I also have to cross my fingers and hope those platforms still fit me. It's been ages since I've worn them. :X I don't THINK my feet are getting any bigger, but it's always the room in the calves I worry about :(

I also started that Chocobo game for the DS the other day. I forget what it's called. It's somthing like "Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales".. I think.
Anyway, it's super cute. It has a basic story, but it's essentially a card game with tons of random minigames. I wasn't sure if it was going to be any good, but it's really addictive. The minigames are a mixture of puzzle games and platforming type games with small objectives. All I know is that I have 10ish hours on it, and I'm not-quite-halfway through. And even as you progress the story, you can hook up wirelessly to card battle with freinds, send cards to freinds, or play ANY of the minigames at any given time. It's a really solid handheld game, IMO, because it has minimal time commitment, and tons of replayability. And it's addictive and chocobos are cute? The red-headed white mage chick looks just like the one from Chocobo's dungeon. I think her name is different, though.
Man.. Chocobo's Dungeon for DS would be pretty cool :X
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