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OMG cosplay?

Celine left this morning while I was passed out. We had a whirlwind love affair :O
(with the leftover red fabric we bought like years ago to make money off of making a million ed FMA coats that I never did)
Also, she brought Derrek over, and Senpu freaked out. It was great. Senpu really didn't know what to make of the other cat, and kept growling and hissing most of the time. But as each day passed, they'd get closer and closer together without Senpu freaking out. I really do think that given another week, they'd have been great freinds XD There were a few times where Derrek wanted to play but Senpu was way too freaked out to play along and just growled and ran away.

Celine was VERY excited about a new costume she was planning, and I was thinking.. well.. these outfits here are all super cute, and I haven't made anything new in a long time. I was thinking it would be a lot of fun to do another "group" costume with her again, and have somthing new for Afest, so we started a new costume while she was visiting! :O I say "we" because while this is my costume, she did a MAJOR chunk of work on the hat. She made the entire base of the hat using her super hat technique. Since I didn't really know much about how she does her hats, I watched and worked on other peices of the costume. I'm happy to say that my new FFIII red mage costume is like.. half done :O I made the cape, most of the base of the jacket (need collar and center panel before I can hem/trim/finish) while she was visiting. She finished the base of the hat and took a hat holiday. I was REALLY worried about not being able to figure out how to finish it after she left, so I insisted that we finish it. I covered her base in fabric, and added some awesome plumage to a pendant finding I'd picked up at hancock's a few years ago. The hat is huge and awesome.

What I still need to do:

~center panel
~interface center panel
~hem everything
~add trim to everything

Since I'm using my black knee-high platform boots for this,I just need to sew some pirate-y looking fold down cuffs. They'll be tied-on (or elastic, or folded in, or whatever) to the boots while I dress

Since I'm using those black boots, and the bootS& gloves are supposed to be the same color, I'm thinking about just using the leather gloves I bought for Matt's Dread Pirate Roberts costume a few years back. I'd love to use his thigh-high pirate boots too, but they don't really fit me that well T..T

~silly red bloomers--Need to make
~petticoat? I think I'm going to need a little floof to get the jacket to stick way out. I need a lot of body to make the rest of the outfit as rediculously poofy as the awesome awesome hat. So I might need to put a petticoat on underneath. I'll have to wait and see after everything's done
~find some black tights. I had some nice thick ones I used for my lolita costume, but they're so old, there is no telling if I still have them, or even if they are thick enough& don't have any runs.

While this is a pretty long list, it's all really simple stuff. As long as I stay motivated, I bet I could have it done in a few weeks. I COULD push myself and get it done in a few days. I know I could. But I also know what a lazy, shiftless person I am when it comes to things like pants, and I'm going to have a hard time getting motivated to try and make those bloomers.

This has to be the first time in a long time I've sat down with Celine, talked about making retarded costumes, and then actually done it :X I think a huge deciding factor was the fact that I'd be getting rid of almost all of the red bottomweight I bought for those Ed coats we never made. I mean, I still have that one I was making for myself. And it's still sitting in the sewing room mostly done. (Need to re-do the hood, then find a lining I like. Making it nice, you know?) We used up probably about 75% of the fabric I had sitting around. While the coat itself didn't take a ton, we needed a lot of odd-shaped peices for the hat, plus I made a cloak. I think we ate up a good 5 yards of it, which is so incredibly awesome. I'm really hoping that by the time I'm done with everything, I'll be able to clean up some of the bags of sewing stuff sitting on the floor in the dining room. That red was taking up a huge ammount of space in the bins, so I think this will really help with the space problems. Plus, I didn't really have to get anything for the costume except a few large buttons, some plastic canvas, the plumes for the hat, and some bias tape. I had everything else at the house. So the costume ran me maybe 40 bucks total? And that, in itself, was also really great. When we went to Jo Ann's for the findings and Celine's fabric, though, all the ladies there freaked out because I haven't made a costume in about a year. :X
Then they freaked out about my hair XD hahaha

More leftover curry for me this week! :O
Plus, I have a lot of housework to do.
Dishes/fishtank/laundry.. plus I need to empty the cat box so Senpu doesn't freak out anymore about other cat's poop. I think he's enjoying having the house back to himself. He's shown it by biting me multiple times today. What a tard.

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