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I haven't used my Gaia online account in literally YEARS. I remember when the site came out, I created an account and fooled around with it for a few days and then forgot about it. For years. But this year, I've received two emails about locks on my account for repeated login attempts. Seriously people, wtf? The first time, I freaked out because I couldn't remember the password myself, and I wanted to get into the account and make sure I took out any personal info I may have put up there. (There wasn't any other than the paper wings website)
The second time.. eh. I don't care. I wish I could tell them to just delete the name so the roleplayers could take it, or whatever they want to do with it. It's a good name XD lawl
But since I never spent ANY time on Gaia, I didn't have any gold or whatever on there, so I really don't know why people would want to take the account except for the name.

Last time I emailed the gaia admins about doing somthing about that account, I got a really rude Jr. High reply saying if I didn't like people trying to get into the account, I shouldn't have made that login name. So it's pretty much just there... with some website info and whatever on it.. inactive.. and constantly trying to be hacked or whatever. I tried to log in today to change the PW again but I couldn't remember what I changed it to last time. :X I seriously wish I could just delete it and continue to forget I ever tried out that website, but the admins are mentally retarded, apparently.

In other news.
Holy crap, my hair is short D:

Dinner tonight: Polish sausage, saurkraut& beer. Looks like my husband's on his own tonight! XD


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