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What do you do when two people you'd like to consider your close freinds also happen to be your Ex boyfreinds? And what of those two Exes are Best freinds? And what if their first romantic encounters were with you? Not what if one of them was really depressed and you showed up at a surprise birthday party thrown for him? >..<
Thanksfully.. nothing bad. My freshman year was so messed up. It took them both a while.. but we're back to freindship status. It's funny, though... It may sound cliche, but after all that happened between those two and I.. I just wanted to be freinds. Here's the twist though... I wasn't the one that did the dumping. Sure it hurt..and I made some mistakes.. but inthe end.. I still liked/loved/cared enough to want to be around them in some form or another. I just wanted to stay freinds. They, on the other hand, were childish. One didn't speak to me for literally a year.. and the other one just dissappeared for a while. Mind you, I wasn't dating them at the same time. The situation sounds bad enough as it is. But it all happened so close together...

That's just one of the many reasons why I beleive I should make a manga about my freshman year at Baylor. College has been so much fun for me. Hell, to be sure.. but also heaven in a way. I can't beleive it's almost over already. Or maybe I'm only halfway through. It all depends on how long it takes me to complete my requirements.
I wish my Ronfy was online now. I want to talk to him. I really wish he'd stop being so stubborn and just let me call him. Who knows when he'll get a phone card? Oh well.. you're baka anyway, Ronfy-baby :P
It's weird.. Ever since I helped Kenji-kun and Lin-chan on their HW, I've been helping everyone and their room-mate with their homework. Really strange. I also found somthing on ebay I wanted to get Tokio-san as a present, but I got outbid. It was a set of Cali Gari fliers. I don't want to spend more than 5 bucks on them though. I suppose I'm a cheap bum...::shruggs:: I still want to do somthing nice for all of you people that mail me things. It may sound strange.. but I absolutely LOVE getting stuff in the mail. One of my freinds subscribed to random catelouges of nifty things because she felt that getting mail (other than bills) affirmed her existance. I feel like that sometimes.


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