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House cleaning& CD reviews

DIXANADU: A very silly album

I had not bothered to look at a track listing or anything like that before I ordered it. MxM is just one of those bands where if it's new/coming out soon/not a greatest hits collection, I order it. I was expecting a full album of new content, but there are some remixes of older songs on here. They're not bad, but I'm a little dissappointed that they're some of the best tracks on the album.
To be overly-critical, this is an old and tired album of more of the same thing I've heard in 3 previous albums. After Malice Mizer, MxM was actually pretty refreshing. Since Mana iwas behind it, it retained much of the classical/gothic feel of the last MM works and really, to me, provided a sense of closure for MM in general. Dix Infernal was a good album. Nocturnal Opera was also a good album. I was a little dissappointed in Beyond the Gate, mostly because I was expecting a slightly longer album with more substance, but it still wasn't bad. And DIXANADU isn't bad. There are one or two standout tracks aside from the newer versions of the old songs, but if Pessimist or Temtation become the new DOUBTs, I'm just going to scream D:
Also, I think mana's man-harem has grown by two members. There were only three total before, and now there's like 5 people in this project. I guess I'm really just behind the times. The new vocalist isn't bad, but I didn't immediately like him like I did say.. Klaha back in the old MM days. And it seems that since Gackt, every vocalist Mana picks has a similar timbre of voice. Klaha was different enough to be distinct but not detract from the overall feel of the band. When MxM formed, I remember thinking how amazingly similar Juka sounded.. But I'm really not sure I like this Seth dude D: I think I need to listen to the album a few more times and let it grow on me. Overall, though, it was not a fangirl puddlefest like listening to Buck-Tick's latest album :X

Also- MxM continues the tradition of keeping the CD art exactly the same, but in a different color. I think this is great XD If I ever took the CDs out and mixed them up, it would probably take me a while to figure out wtf album I was listening to. I think it's silly, but I like it.

Ayu: Mostly what I expected D:
I really like that one song evolution. I wanted to own it on CD in some form instead of guiltily listening to MP3s all the time. I also like the stuff she did for Inu Yasha. So.. she's a pop idol. I figured it would basically all be the same. I'm a little dissappointed I didn't recognize any of the other songs aside from evolution, though, since this is essentially a "greatest hits" type of compilation. Still, it wasn't too expensive, it's catchy and upbeat, and it comes with 2 DvDs I probably can't play on any player I own. All and all, just what I was expecting XD

House: Very dirty

Remember last year when I went on this super productive cleaning binge right before that halloween party no one showed up for? Well, within like two days of getting the computer room spotless, it was a disaster area again for some unknown reason. I've kept it from getting any worse, but I haven't really knuckled down to make it any better in here. I've worked on it off and on, but I haven't really been the whirling dervish of cleaning supplies and trash I was that last time. Today I decided to get some stuff done in here and straighten it up. And in true fashion, I got half the room down and promptly sat down in front of the computer. I keep it on to play music, but it's a huge distraction. :X
Part of the problem with keeping this rom clean is that we have So. Much. Crap.
I would never tell Matt to get rid of any of his stuff, and it's usually put away. Nor would he tell me to get rid of my crap, which is also USUALLY put away. But there's just so much of it, and it keeps piling up. We've significantly cut down our purchases over the past few years, and we don't buy NEARLY as much crap as we did when we first started dating. I think when we first started dating, it was a "let's see how much useless shit we can get in one year" marathon for... 4 years XD Now we've settled down, gotten a netflix account, and buy maybe only 1-2 action figures a year. I don't count my anime keychain sets, really, because they're not stand alone action figures, and it's one of the few weird hobbies I've kept up with over the years. It also takes up very little space. I probably should count my PvC trading figures, though.. since those DO take up space, and I get like 5-10 a year depending on what series are out, what figures I'm missing, etc. But even then, it's nothing like how we used to splurge.
Right now, the main problem is DvD space. Some freinds made us this great shelving unit for our computer room. It's super awesome, but they didn't make enough shelves. We're about 3ish shelves short. It's one of those things where we are EXTREMELY grateful for the gift, and they've said they'd bring some more shelves around, but it hasn't happened. I wouldn't think of imposing and bringing it up, but there's a lot of empty space we're not using that we need. I kinda suck at this sort of thing, but I wonder if it's somthing we could make ourselves. We dont' really have the carpentry tools to cut wood, though XP

Oh well. I'm going to go and try to make somthing work. And listen to these CDs some more
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