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CDs in today! :O

A few months ago I ordered some stuff on CDJapan. Since shipping is usually way expensive, I told it to ship everything at once. Originally, I was going to pre-order the new DeG album, Marrow of a Bone. But the pre-order page was broken for like 2-3 days, and I gave up and pre-ordered some other stuff. Don't tell applecheeks, but I picked up an Ayu best of dance mix :X (Best 2 -white-). There is Ayu in the house, and the world is ending. :X I can pretty safely guarantee that this is the ONLY Ayu CD I'll ever buy, though.. haha. I was looking for somthing uptempo to play at night and pre-ordered it on a whim. I also ended up pre-ordering the new Moi dix Mois CD. In case you haven't heard of it.. it's called...


I'm sorry, but this is probably one of the silliest CD titles ever.
I'm hoping it's going to be a good album, though. I haven't put any of the new disks in yet. And since I wasn't able to get Marrow of a Bone, my jerkface brother bought one for me at the DeG concert in Dallas that he didn't take me to. Apparently it's some special press or whatever. It's probably just a first press. The did the whole metallica thing, though, and printed black on black, so in two weeks I won't be able to remember what CD this is without playing it. Go you guys. I've heard mixed things about this one, too. I finally finished warming up to Withering to Death, and I heard this one is a little screamier& more experimental than usual. This means I will probably hate it for about a year or two, then get on a DeG kick and decide I actually really like it. (Much like every DeG CD since MACABRE- that is to say, all of them :X)

I also got my concert tickets in the day before last. For those just joining us, this is the True Colors concert tour. 5 hours of super80s awesomeness, and some other dudes I don't recognize, hosted by Margaret Cho. The reason I'm going is because I really want to see Erasure at least once, live. All live recordings I've seen have been really... unimpressive... which sounds bad, I know. But I've never heard a bad thing from someone who's actually SEEN them live. I'm guessing Andy just has an amazing stage presence/energy. And I'd beleive it :O I'm just really, really excited about this. Probably about as excited as I was for that cancelled MxM concert XP alkdhfl;akdfhlakdhfaljkdh

Anyway... Since my little brother visited this past weekend, we had him do a lot of yardwork :X It was awesome :X I'm feeling really motivated to clean the house, too. I need to get the CD player hooked back up, though, because I want to play these new CDs while cleaning. I think I'm just going to end up spacing out in front of the computer while I give them a listen.

PS: I think Mana's man-harem has grown for this album >..>

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