HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

I guess I haven't updated in a while...

Some random stuff has been going on lately, but nothing major to speak of.
I finally got a call back from the doctor's office. Only it wasn't the doctor, it was a nurse who wanted to hear what was wrong with me again. So after I told her, she made a lot of "eww" noises (I was kind of surprised with the level of disgust I could detect in her voice since I though this was a common problem with this medication) and told me the doctor would get back with me the next day.
The next day... a nurse called me again XD A different one, I think. But anyway, She said that the doctor was informed of my symptoms, and they came up with this treatment plan. But by the time I finally heard back from the doc, the problem went away. Go figure XD
Oh well, at least I know what to do if it happens again.

It's looking like Malophyte will go with me to the concert I posted about earlier. I already ordered the tickets.
Mr. Goat:( I hesitate to type your real name, and I have no idea what you go by now)
I only got two tickets, but if you end up going yourself, I really want to meet up with you. It's a 5 hour thing, and I haven't seen you in forever, dahling! In a way, I was almost looking forward to the time in the car with you, but I really didn't want to cause you the trouble of going out of your way to get me :( We must stop meeting like this! haha

I'm really excited about this whole thing, though. After this concert, I'll have seen BOTH of my favorite 80's British rock/pop groups. It seems so freaking long ago, but I did see the Cure on the Bloodflowers tour up in Dallas. I would totally see them again if I had a chance, and if I knew they wern't going to play anything from the most recent self-titled album XP Me no likey! And now, in June, I'll get to see Erasure! :D They have a new album coming out soon, too. And the last one I bought (Nightbird) was really fantastic. They put out another experimental album like last year, but I didn't pick it up. It's really weird... I have like 8 or so albums from both the Cure and Erasure, and I'm still missing lots XP
(Chew on this- I've never bought a copy of Kiss me , Kiss me, Kiss me. Don't know why. It's an awesome album, I'm sure. I've heard all the singles off it, and I really should get it, but I've never gotten around to it. I went to Hastings to get it last week, and they didn't have it, so I bought a copy of Three Imaginary Boys :X I don't know why I didn't have that one, either. lol)

Other news... I've been treating Mr. Fishie (still unnamed, but it might as well be his name), and the white spots on his fins arn't going away at all. I'm starting to wonder if it's somthing else. He's still active and happy and not acting sick at all. And I'm not seeing any other white spots on his body that look like parasites in the Ich pictures I've seen online. I don't think it's fungal either, because the spots arn't fuzzy or slimy looking. They're just like clearish white dots in the middle of his stubby little swimming fins. He's got a little bit of aquarium salt in his water anyway, so I really wouldn't expect fungal anything. My tap water does have a really high PH, though, and I have been using a few drops of a solution to lower the PH in the water, so I wonder if I'm burning his fins with it? This next water change, I'm going to try not adding any of the PHdown. I hope sudden PH change doesn't kick his ass. I'm really not sure if I should expect to see any change in two weeks anyway. I might be kind of paranoid, and need to stick with the medication longer. He still seems as happy as ever, so I'm totally stumped. I really have bent over backwards to make sure that little retard has an awesome fishy life, so I really don't want him to croak D:


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