HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

!!!! Concert !!!

Anyone want to go see this with me?!?! D:


Dallas- Smirnoff Sat June 23,
Houston- Woodlands on Sunday June 24

Specifically-looking for someone I can carpool with, since if it's happening on Matt's week working, I won't have a car. I'd really rather not drive period, so I'm willing to pay for tickets :X I'd prefer Dallas, since it's closest to me. It's also probably the best option if anyone from Austin wants to go. If anyone in Waco wants to go, Dallas/Houston doesn't matter ;O But Dallas IS closer. Please call me or whatever if you want to go, since tickets go on sale in a few days and if I have someone to go with, I want to get them ASAP.

Edit- The Presale code is open to everyone and their dog, so I could order tickets right now if I had a ride secured

I would REALLY love to see Erasure live, and Cyndi Lauper& Debbie Harry are HUGE bonuses.


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