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Bodyworlds was cool (again)

KT and I had another exciting trip up north today :O
We decided after the opera recital last month to make it a point to catch Bodyworlds this weekend. For those of you keeping up, I saw Bodyworlds3 in Houston last year, and it was awesome. Lines were huge, but we got in. We didn't think to order tickets online for this one in Dallas, since we were going waaaay before the exhibit ended. I just attributed the sheer number of people in Bodyworlds3 to the fact that we were catching it right before it closed.
Well, Dallas was packed too. We almost didn't get in. By the time we moved through the line to the ticket booth, they were turning people away saying the exhibit was sold out for the day. I started to freak out a little bit. I decided then, that since KT had traveled 3 hours just to come, (and me 1 1/2) we would find some locals with tickets and buy them off of them. Since.. you know.. locals can come whenever and we just made a longass trip XP
Fortunately, though, it didn't come to that. When I asked about it being sold out, they said they had some new slots added for 6pm and 6:15. We got tickets for the 6pm, but at that time it was barely 3:30/4pmish and we had little to do D:

The rest of the exhibits in that building were really boring.
In the basement was the children's museum. THAT was really creepy...

Anyway, we were really dissappointed that there were no dinosaur bones. The brochure promised dinosaur bones!! After pestering more museum people, we found out that there WERE, in fact, dinosaur bones and stuffed dead animals in the building next door. YAY!
We blew through some more time there until they closed at 5pm, then wandered around the man-made swamp-lagoon thing for a while longer. After that, we got in the exhibit.

The exhibit itself had much the same content as Bodyworlds3, but entirely different full body plastinates. There was another horse and rider in this one, but I'm pretty sure that while they are posed similarly, it was a different plastinate. I can't be 100% certain, though. If there are 3 touring the world at the same time, though, they have to be different ones. :O
I could go on some more about this and how you shouldn't bring kids that are so young they spend the entire exhibit screaming in terror, but I'm tired D:

We ate at Mr. Max's again and it was wonderful. I'm sure we're the most annoying white people that go there, and they spend all time laughing at our bad chopstick skills and scruitinize the way we eat....
But the food is great, we tip well, etcetc.

KT said Mr. Fishie has the ick, though :(
I don't know much about fishes, and he seems pretty active, so I didn't know he was sick. I feel kinda stupid in that regard. Still, I'm glad she knows more about it than I do, or the nameless betta probably would have bit the dust without me ever knowing what was wrong with him. Hopefully I can get the ick treatment to him tomorrow with a water change and get him better soon. D:


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