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Yesterday was my husband's birthday :O

I brought him chinese food from our favorite place in town. I also brought him starbucks. I baked him a VERY ugly cake. I totally suck at baking, so I'm happy that it tastes good. But in the future, I'm just going to buy him cakes because I really, really, really suck at making dessert type stuff. I don't think it helps that it was supposed to bake at 350 degrees, and the oven couldn't keep it any hotter than 300 for some weird reason. I had to turn it up to 400 and it inched it's way slowly up to 345 and kinda hung there. That's probably why the cake burned around the edges and took forever for the middle to set up.

So, I cut the edges off, cut the cake in half, and stacked it. It was a devil's food cake with cherry pie filling mixed in, so I took another can of pie filling, and put cherries in between the layers and a few on top. Unfortunately, my decorating skills totally blow when it comes to cakes, etc, so it looks REALLY freaking ugly. Matt ate some, though, so I'm happy, even if we throw the rest away.

I didn't know what to get him, and I was totally unprepared for his birthday, so I really just spent most of my time yesterday running around. I ran to the restaurant, brought back food& ate with him, then left again to get presents and coffee, then came back. Then I baked the uglycake and raided a little in WoW. I really hope he had a good day, though.

Today is our wedding anniversary. It's #5. Websites tell me this is the wood year, so maybe I'll go outside and get him a stick. I really don't have anything good for him :( I can't ever think of things to get him because he just buys what he wants. He always says I don't have to get him anything, but I still try to find ways to make the day special. It should FEEL special, and not just another day. So I work hard to make it that way, but I don't think it always works. He said he felt bad because he didn't get me anything. I don't see why I'm hard to shop for. I made him a super long list of random crap I'd be happy to see at christmas, and he said he didn't want to get me any of it because then I'd know what I was getting XP He could totally re-use any of that stuff for any other holiday if he needed to.

Anyway, that's not really here nor there.
Today, I think the plans were to go see a movie and go to my favorite steak place for dinner, but he couldn't stay up anymore and passed out about 3 hours ago. I don't think that's going to happen. I was thinking about going out yesterday and getting us some frozen custard. We haven't had it in forever, and the one place we have here in town is awesome. I don't really feel like going out right now, though, because I did all that damned running around yesterday. I will be a little dissappointed if we end up not going out today, though. It always seems so raret that I get to go out of the house and do stuff, so if I end up sitting around all day today I think I'll be a little bit sad. (But I'll get over it. I always do)


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