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Mou ii.. hidoiyo

I hereby throw a mango at Ronfar! BWAHahahahahah
I've been rather bored today. I'm convinced now that I need to make a cel gallery on my page so I can sell/trade/make people envious. Ne? However.. I'm really uncertain of how much room I have left on my Geocities account. They don't give much room. So... I've been thinking about getting a domain name of my own. It's a lot cheaper than I thought it would be, and I could really use the speed of a decent server.. the ability to bring pictures up in here and other forums, as well as the space. But.. I'm having trouble justifying the space. I personally don't think it's being put to a good use. I need a domain name.. any ideas? ^..^

Ronfar no baka :P


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