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My holes my holes my holes

They're lookin' good? I got back from the doctor's today, and everything looks like it's healing up really well. No dry sockets for me kkthx! >:O I mean.. they're still weird and gross looking, and they're still holes in my head. But at least they're healing up well XD
Since today is the trip to Ft. Worth, I'm going to try solid foods. Maybe I'll just get a noodle dish or somthing if I'm not feeling that brave. But I think I can handle solids ok now. I haven't really tried, and right now, I'm really hungry. I know it's silly, but I was so nervous about the appointment today, I haven't eaten at all yet. I was tempted to just hold off and see if KT wanted to stop in Hillsboro for a burger. But I don't know if she's eaten yet. I may just have a little bit of somthing.. and if we do the burger thing.. do that anyway XD I've missed food! Granted, soup and pudding and mashed potatoes are all good. It just hardly seems like somthing to live off of D:
I had a dream last night I weighed myself and lost a few more pounds. With this surgery stuff, it wouldn't surprise me. Since my gums are still tender, I don't see myself pigging out anytime soon, either. But damn.. burger& fries.. or crispy chicken& fries sounds good right now D:
I think I'll probably just eat a slice of french bread and an apple for now, though XD

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