HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Stitches out today, oral surgery tomorrow

I had to wait forever to get in this morning! :O
I was initially really impressed with the Scott& White center here in town. Every time I've come in before, I'd show up early to do my paperwork, etc, and they'd get me almost immediately. Today, I had to wait for a little over a half an hour. :( The funny thing was, it was just for somthing that lasted two seconds that I probably could have done myself. I told Matt... "Ok. if it passes 10:30 and we get too bored, let's just leave and you can take them out"
I think he was both amused and horrified, because I had to try to explain to him that he'd just have to snip one side, and tug the strings out of my head. Srsly, it's not that bad :O

But yeah, everything looks good. Melon's still a little tender, but it's probably going to feel great tomorrow now that the stitches are out.





Yeah, the closer it gets to tomorrow, the more nervous I get.

I know that Matt wants me to be happy and not nervous and stuff, but I can't help it. We had a good day, though. After I got my stitches taken out, we had froofy sandwiches and frappuchinos at Starbucks. He got himself a DS after playing with mine at the clinic waiting room. Haha. He's hooked now. XD We came home and ate, and decided to try and see a movie. I have a pretty short list of things that have come out recently that I desperately wanted to see. Unfortunately, Children of Men isn't in theatres around here anymore. But Pan's Labyrinth still had 3 showings today (meaning it's probably out of there next week XP) We made it to the 12:50, and I'm really glad that I got to see it. It was such a wonderful film. I don't know why I was so shocked to see that it was subtitled. I knew it was in Spanish, and that it was a Spanish film. I guess I just assumed that since it was actually showing in Waco, that the magical dub faeiries had worked their magic on it so that the ignorant rednecks would sit through two hours of not-harry-potter. ANYWAY. It was a fantastic film. I cried a little at the end, and I would watch it again. But it's kind of like Graveyard of the Fireflies in that... while it's an amazing story, and worth watching multiple times, you almost don't want to do that to yourself more than once a year or so. So I'll get it when it comes out on DVD.. watch it once every year or two, and cry my eyes out.
Everyone should go see it :O


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