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Stitches come out tomorrow!

And then day after tomorrow... I get the teeth out XP

Yesterday we managed to get our hands on a Wii!
I was really pretty excited about it. My old store promised to call when they got shipments in, and they never did. I never expected them to, because they did away with the whole call list years ago. Malophyte offerd to call when they got one in at my OTHER old store, though XD I took her up on it, and didn't really expect a call either. It's not that I don't think she is reliable. Quite the contrary. But these systems are still pretty hard to find, and it's easy to forget when shipments come in. I wasn't really worried about it.
But she did call! And I tied my hair up, put a clean shirt on, and ran down there ASAP and picked it up, along with Elebits and the new Zelda.
I tried Elebits, and it's fun. I think I need to play with controller sensitivity or somthing, though, because the slightest hand movements cause the curser to gallop all over the screen. In Elebits, this makes the camera tip around wildly, and I feel like I'm going to barf after one stage :O

I had a ton of trouble initially setting the system up, though. It wasn't displaying through the switchbox all the other systems feed through, and I have no idea why. Matt didn't say why, but he didn't seem surprised when I told him I was having trouble with it. I ended up hooking it directly into the back of the TV, and everything there is fine. The downsides with this, though, are that the system is on the hearth by the TV (And the fish tank. That's going to have to change)... and since it's hooked directly into the TV, there's no sound through the speaker system. I was also having trouble finding a good place to put it. Both the wiimote sensor bar cord and the video cord are about a foot too short to put the system anywhere good. So it's in an akward place right now. It will probably stay there, too.

Sometimes I really wish I just had 1 system that played all the games I have. Just.. everything. Like a PSBOXWIICUBE or somthing. Totally unrealistic, I know. The best we can do is play a bajillion different sony/playstation games on one backwards compatible playstation system. And I love the backwards compatability, I do. But they still take up a lot of room.

Right now, I'm waiting for Matt to wake up. People always ask me every year if he and I do anything special for Valentine's day. And we really don't. I think it's because it just seems like an unnessesary holiday for me. Probably for him, too. I'd like to think that we try our best to cherish each other year around. I know I appreciate him, and I don't take him for granted one bit. I really do feel blessed in my relationship with him, even through the rough parts. And even then, the rough parts arn't so rough.
So anyway... He brought me home dove chocolates on Tuesday, so I'm cooking him dinner tonight. I brought home some cheddar soup from a local deli. (Schmaltz's). It's wonderful stuff, and we only have it a few times a year. No reason really.. we just don't go there that often. And it's usually me bringing it home. Last time I tried to surprise him, it spilled in the car, and I ate the other bowl while he was asleep. I felt bad, so I brought some home today. I'm also going to cook up some steaks. I already made some twice-baked potatoes, and I have some french bread in the oven with cheese and butter. But he needs to wake up before I put the steaks on or re-heat the soup. I'm glad I'm not starving right now, or the waiting would be killing me :P

They also had a huge tacky table in the grocery store today where they had chocolate fountains, and all sorts of other neat stuff. They were making chocolate-covered strawberries. I couldn't resist, and picked some up for the two of us. I also went to barnes& noble's and got a box of assorted Godaiva chocolates. That's the only place I'd trust to get them from. I don't know how quickly the move, but I won't bet that they sell fast. I didn't want to get them from a department store. XP And the Barnes& Nobles ones were wrapped for valentine's, so I knew they coulnd't be THAT old.

Food tonight will be good. I also need a shower, but that's unrelated to eating. haha
Tomorrow stitches.. day after tomorrow.. teeth.
I bet the concerts will be exciting hopped up on drugs. (I haven't heard from my brother at all, so I don't know if he's still picking me up for DeG. I have a sneaking suspicion that's not happening)


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