HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Back from the doctor's!

Man, that thing they pulled out of my head looked a lot like a garbanzo bean XD
I almost wanted to ask if I could keep it, to show it to people.
But nobody wants to see that shit, right? haha

Since it's on the scalp, and they tried to shave as little of my head as possible, they gave me some antibiotics. It's like.. next to impossible to keep a band-aid on it. But I do have stitches! And I get to ask my dear husband "does this look infected to you!?!?"

Stitches come out the 15th. That's the day before I get more of them in my mouth when I go under for the wisdom teeth removal. wooty-woo!
(I'm still hoping I will be up for multiple concerts that weekend. It's a few days after, but we'll see)
I should probably buy an assload of pudding/jello/etc next week to prepare for my exodus from solid food.

Oh, and according to the scales at the doctor's office, I've lost 4 lbs since I've visited last. It's slow, but I'm starting to feel that just maybe I can do this thing.


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