HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Senpu is going to hate me...

His card came in today. He's due for his shots, so I'll have to make an appointment soon :X
I know he's just going to love that! I guess I can shoot for trying to get him in before I get my wisdom teeth taken out.
I have an appointment today for the doc, too.
I did quite a bit of cleaning in the kitchen, went through old mail, and found the test results from my previous visit. I wonder how long those had been sitting there XP
I honestly didn't expect the results within 2 weeks like that. I figured it would take longer. Looks like everything checked out normal, though. Yay XP
The dentist has been calling lately, too. They want me to come in for a cleaning, but I didn't want to schedule anything until after my surgery. I need to do that first, so insurance covers the expensive nasty part. After that, I can think about things like cleanings, etc. Besides. I can't bear to hear "You haven't had these taken out yet?!?" from the dentist again XD
Maybe in March..
I forgot to ask about long-term care when I visited my surgeon, though. I'm wondering if I'm going to need a retainer or somthing like that after the wisdom teeth are removed. I don't know how much the teeth will shift around afterwards. My teeth have always been pretty straight. I've never needed braces. Two are a little crooked, but not so much anyone would notice. I notice. But yeah. I don't really want them getting crooked because there's more room back there, though. I'll have to ask about that later.

I'm sure you all are positively thrilled to be reading about my random medical babble, but that's all that's really going on with me right now :P
I probably sound like an old woman.


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