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Waco weather has gone a little queer. I woke up to ice out everywhere. A lot of it has melted now, but it's supposedly staying below freezing for a few days. We might even get snow! Weird, huh?
Since it's MLK day, trash, mail, etc isn't going. Most everything else is still open, but some things are closing because people are freaking out. The midnight release for the warcraft expansion is still happening, but I'm not sure how it's going to work out. I was going to go with Celine, but because of the weather, she wasn't able to make it up. I'm going to see if Matt will take his car. Otherwise, I'm not sure I'll go. I don't want to drive his car. But if I don't go to the midnight release, they may not give me my reserve for the collector's editions. On the other hand, if driving conditions arn't safe (because Waco doesn't know how to handle freezing weather), I may not go at all. It's a pain in the ass.

Also, I think my flash card for the camera is just dead. I mean, it said it needed to be formatted, and I figured I lost all the photos on it. But really, I didn't format it because I thought maybe there was a chance of getting some of the data off it.
Well, I wanted to take some pictures today, so I said 'fuck it' to all the old photos and tried to reformat the card. It won't re-format. The computer freaks out and says it's un-re-format-able-bull-bull. So I think I just need a new card before I can take any pictures at all. And that blows. So no nem hat photos anytime soon :/ And no photos of the nameless fishie, and no photos of the weird ass weather. That's a bummer.

And I'm hungry and nothing sounds good right now D: GAH


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