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My pinky finger hurts sooo much today D: It's painful from the joint at the tip aaallll the way down my hand. And maybe a little at my elbow. I can't tell. I was over at Malophyte's last night playing Guitar Hero until way late. I'd never played it before, and it was a lot of fun. But ouch! I daresay I have never so strenuously used that pinky finger before. Even with typing properly and using the pinky to tag keys on the keyboaard :( And now it hurts T..T

I'm also rushing to try and get my Nem hat done. I want to try and get the majority of it done tonight, and finish it tomorrow. I don't think it's going to happen, though. I decided the other day that it would be easier to sculpt the skull part of the hat out of paperclay, than try and carve it out of styrofoam. Mostly because I don't have a big enough peice of styrofoam to do it in one block. I had to do Norn's wand in two peices, and it was really tough working around the seam between the two peices because I don't have a good styrofoam adhesive. I mean, I have stuff that works. But stuff that works and stuff that's intended for that purpose to make crafting life easier are two different things.

So last night, I finished the base of the hat. It was made out of paper mache. I covered two balloons, used different parts of each, and glued them together. Then I glued some muslin over the whole thing to give it a little more stability. After that, I trimmed it to the shape I wanted, and pinned it to a wig head. I then started to add paperclay over the top to make the eye socket ridges, since that's the part of the skull that most needed to be built up with clay. But I did not take into account the fact that I've never worked with paperclay before. I expected that I'd just be able to add it on top of the base and things would be fine, but it's not sticking at all. I'm a little confused with what I should be doing now. I'm thinking about taking some spray adhesive and trying to glue that first peice of clay to the hat. Once it's dry, the spray adhesive will PROBABLY make it stick to the base. And if it does, the rest of the paperclay should stick to the FIRST peice, and make everything better.
I'm also wondering how durable it's going to be. All the material I've read about it says that it dries rock hard& doesn't need to be fired. You just laquer on top of it. I'm worried that it's not going to dry quite as hard as I was expecting to, and that it'll crack and chip when the hat is worn, despite there being a paper mache/cloth shell underneath the sclupted part. It's a little too late for me to change the medium I'm making this with, though.
So my other thought was... After I finish sculpting it, I can wait a month or so until it gets warmer, and fiberglass over it. Though. That method isn't as good as making a mold and laying the fiberglass INTO the mold, since you get a smoother surface. And for all that trouble, I'll have already sculpted what I want out of clay. I might as well just pour a plaster mold and lay the fiberglass into it for a better end result anyway, right? With the clay positive I'm making, though.. man. If I had a vaccuform table.. :( It would be awesome. I could mass-produce a few of these babies with plastic and probably turn a pretty nice profit on them with the WoW crowd.

I'm not really interested in making money off them, though. I just wanted to make somthing cool for myself. We'll have to see what happens after I finish sculpting everything, though. I'm getting ahead of myself, I guess. But this is how I make contingency plans, and keep the creative process rolling. When I don't have things planned out to the last mistake, I procrastinate and don't do anything for weeks and weeks.

On the hat, I still need to do the following:
Get purple trim for the cowel
Sew the purple trim on so I can add the silver trim
Sew the silver trim on
Hem the mask
Sew some ties onto the mask

On the skull
Finish sculpting the base with paperclay
Sculpt the saggital spikes out of paperclay& attach them
Sculpt the fangs out of paperclay& attach them. (*Styrofoam if I run out, or if the clay won't work there)
Carve the horns out of styrofoam
Seal the horns with mod podge
Attach the horns to the skull
Seal the skull
Everything willing, re-seal and paint the mess
Attach the skull to the cowel

Oua la! Warlock Tier 2 hat

Gotta take some tylenol or aleive or somthing, though, and try to work through this sore finger XP


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