HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Well shit!

Body Worlds 1 is in Dallas right now XD lololololol

We saw Body Worlds 3 in Houston last Sept. That one is now in Vancouver. But Body Worlds 1 is in Dallas! :O
Now I kinda want to go to this :X I mean, I saw a different set of plastinations in Houston, and I figured it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Now a different exhibit is in Dallas. I would like to see this :O But I feel like.. hmm.. a groupie XD
The trick here is finding anyone from Austin to Waco interested in going that would pick me up on the way up ;O

I'm really glad I went to see it in Houston. If it was in Houston again, I don't think I'd make the trip. Dallas, however, is a lot closer& cheaper. It's close enough that I could justify going again. The only thing I'm wondering about, though, is the content of the exhibit. I know that they have at least 3 that are touring at any given time. Body Worlds 1 or 2 was in Denver last year. We had 3 in Houston, and now Body Worlds 1 is in Dallas, and 3 is in Vancouver. From the Dallas site, it looks like that have different full-body plastinates from what I saw in Houston. They mentioned the Horse and Rider, though. And I think that's the same one I saw in Houston. They do have the Runner, though, and I would very much like to see that one in person. That one and the Horse and Rider are two of my favorites.

I'm wondering if I can get my husband interested in a day trip to Dallas sometime soon. I wouldn't mind spending the night up there. It doesn't really matter. I'd try to get him to go to Mr. Max's, but something tells me he's too picky to eat anything off the menu. hahaha
I'd be better off with a trip to the museum and a trip back home.
Man.. I remember when we used to go up to Dallas for the day on anime runs. We didn't go to conventions back then at all. We'd go up to Dallas to stop by Planet Anime back when they were across from that mall. Then we'd hit the mall, since Waco didn't have a Hot Topic at the time, eat at the teppanyaki fast food place there, and go to Fukuya. Fukuya was the only Japanese grocery store I've ever seen over here. Plenty of large cities have asian markets. Waco doesn't have anything like that.. but big cities have asian markets, you know? But Fukuya was strictly Japanese. You could get all sorts of stuff there from cooking, to strange flavored ice creams, to snacks, etc. They had those little toys that came with candy for various popular anime.. and if you lived around there, they rented out VHS tapes of Japanese TV dramas. That place was awesome D:

Anyway.. now, if we went up to Dallas... the cheapo fast food place isn't in the mall anymore, Planet anime is in Plano (not going.. lololol. We went like twice and it was a total waste. They are so overpriced anyway XP I just get all my crap from anime cons now), Waco has a hottopic for me to troll, and Fukuya closed years ago. I'd like to visit the West End again. Last time I was at Deep Ellum, I didn't really enjoy it. So I'm kind of at a loss as to what else to do in Dallas with Matt. If I went up with someone else, though, like my brother, I could totally convince him to trek to Mr. Max's and do all sorts of weird shit.
I dunno. I have a few months to think about it. Sooner would be better than later, though.

This week, I think Celine visits :D
Next week, I have doctor's shit
If KT is feeling better, we may still head up to DFW in Feb for some culture
I'm probably going to that DeG concert in Dallas in Feb anyway. Both the music events are around Feb 18/19th, iirc.
And sometime during Q1, I'm pretty sure I'm having oral surgery.

So wisdom teeth allowing, I might be able to get away with going up there the last week of Jan, or sometime in feb.
It looks like I have until the end of May to get up there for this one, though, so I'll probably be a wait-and-see kind of thing.


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