HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
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Fish is still nameless

I'm still really bummed about my flash card. I know that there's probably no way to get the photos off there, since it's irevoccably fucked up. I'm pretty sure I can just reformat it and keep using it, but I've lost a lot of pictures I didn't move in time.
So, while I just need to reformat and get it over with, I'm sitting on it the way it is in case someone I know happens to know somthing about what to do with it. That's why I haven't taken any pictures of Mr. Fishie yet :P

A lot of people in my WoW guild think I'm weird for liking anime. There are about 4 of us in a guild of a bajillion people that are anime fans. I've got a thread on our guild forums to chat about Bleach finally coming out of filler, why I'm sad about Walter in Hellsing, etcetc. Most of the comments are just "You guys are weird," though, so I made this and posted it
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It made me giggle, and it's so amazingly great, so I thought I'd share it :P
(That's from Animefest last year. I'm at Bob& Emily's table getting a new con badge done. Someone else took the photo, and found it on cosplay.com :O Full version& link to photographer's gallery is here)

Anyway.. Christmas tree is almost completely dissassembled. I just need to take the last two peices of the tree apart and shove it in the box. Talk about amazingly normal holiday decorations! I got them up and down in the space of the holiday season. You know.. as opposed to putting the tree up 2-3 days before christmas, and taking it down in July :X

Anyway.. had some veggies for dinner& watching Top Chef tonight. I'm also trying to figure out how to get the PH down in my fish tank. I think it's a little high, and I've been driving all over town looking for some PH down. I'm going to try again tomorrow, and if I can't find some, I'll do a partial water change with some filtered water and see if that helps. I want Mr. Fishie to be happy D:


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