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Why is my brother such an idiot? :(

Man... I wish he'd stop doing this.
He was supposed to come over tonight. It's like.. a 2 hour-ish drive, so I only see him every few months. He got off work sometime between 5 and 7.. his girlfreind was getting back from her parent's place in Dallas around 6. I honestly figured he wasn't going to make it in today because I figured his girlfreind would want to sleep at home one night before going back out and about.
1) I feel bad that he spent Christmas alone becasue his car is crappy and it wouldn't make the trip
2) I was pretty excited about him coming up tonight.
3) I thought his girlfreind was a pretty good sport about agreeing to go out again the same day she got back in so they could make New Year's.

He had ok'ed everything, and worked everything out with everyone so that he'd be in Waco probably before 9pm.
I waited until 11:30 before I got worried and tried calling him. He leaves the house late all the time, so he never shows up when I expect him to... and he never calls me when he starts the trip, so I figured I'd call and see if he'd even left yet. He didn't answer his phone. I left a message, and sat by the phone for another hour. I was really starting to worry that somthing had happened, since he wasn't in Waco, wasn't answering his phone, and didn't call me back. I was seriously worried about him!

So, I call again at 12:30, and he answers the phone all groggy and sounding completely out of it. I ask if I woke him up, and he says no. I ask why he didn't answer when I called him. He says he didn't hear it. So then I ask if he got my message, and he hadn't bothered checking his phone at all. I asked if he was on his way up, or wtf was going on. And he said "Oh, we're coming up tomorrow...."


Why does he always pull this shit? He doesn't do it often enough for me to expect it every time. Just rarely enough to make me really worry about him, and then become extremely pissed that he's so inconsiderate that he wouldn't even call me to let me know he was changing plans.
1)WHY THE HELL DIDN'T HE CALL? I was freaking out that somthing happened. He just mumbled, and didn't say anything
2) WHY THE HELL DID HE SOUND SO OUT OF IT? I mean, seriously. When I asked him what was going on (at 12:30) he said "Well... (girlfreind) JUST got home. I mean, she JUST got home.."
And I said "Uh.. I thought that was the plan. She was going to come home, then you were going to drive up. What time did she get in? He says..."Oh, around 6"
-..- That's not "just got home"
Goddamnit, I'm pissed.
"Just got home" could mean I interrupted them doing somthing together someplace private, but uh.. 5 1/2 hours later? If you're a light sleeper like my husband, that's enough time to get enough sleep, or even take a really long nap -..-
Ugh. WTF.
If he doesn't want to visit, all he has to do is say so. But I know he wants to come up. I just don't know why he doesn't feel the need to..you know.. let me know WTF is going on. :/ We're all supposed to be adults, so I could care less how he decides to tailor his schedule, but if it involved me, I'd better damn well get some sort of notification.

Stores are closing early tomorrow, and he wanted to go out& about. He says he's going to be here before 5.. but we'll see what happens :/

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