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Leftover turkey=strange experiments in the kitchen

There's not a whole LOT of turkey left...
Well.. scratch that. There's probably quite a bit left considering I'm going to be the only one eating leftovers, and I have maybe a 1 gallon faux-tupperware thinger full of it :(

So.. I was getting kind of hungry for dinner, and really fighting the urge to snack, so I decided to work on cooking somthing that would take maybe an hour, not eat anything before then, and then dig in. There are 2 immediate advantages to this

1) I'll be using leftovers
2) Hopefully, I'll be too hungry to care about what the end product tastes like :X

For those of you who have come over and had somthing really awesome that I've cooked.. you are the lucky few D:
Future entree stars are born in my kitchen, though.. and for every 6 or so failures, I'd like to think there are 1 or 2 successes that I'll go on to cook again and again XD

See what I did there? I hyped up my dish without actually explaining what's in it.
The ammount of substitution I've done in this dish is so amazing that it'll either taste awesome... or really disgusting :/
I'm working on a turkey casserole loosely based off a tetrazzini recipie.
Right now, it stinks of feet. I blame that on the parmesan cheese. I'm really hoping that it tastes awesome, though. It does smell about as bad as most tetrazzini I've had, which I guess is a good thing.. haha. It's always been one of those dishes for me that I really love the taste of, but have to get it past my nose, first. Actually.. Anything with parmesan is like that. It tastes good.. but it smells so.. um.. podiatric. I'm 90% certain I didn't make that word up. Go me.

Anyway.. I didn't have any regular linguine, but I had some whole wheat spaghetti and some whole grain/spinach spaghetti. I figured.. spinach pasta is good. Spinach pasta is good with cream sauces.. and it's probably really good with turkey..
So I boiled some of that, some of the regular wheat pasta, and the leftover wheat penne that I had. So that's what I substituted for regular white pasta/egg noodles. I would have used egg noodles I think if I had them.
The recipie calls for dry cooking sherry. Well.. I don't have any of that. But fuck if I don't have a ton of liquor in my house. I actually didn't go with any of that, though, but instead went with some cooking mirin I had under the cupboard. Hell.. that goes well with a little sauteed onion and tomato.. and tastes great in an alfredo sauce. So.. since I didn't have the green onion the recipie called for, I used some sweet white onion. Had all the spices/flour, etc... tossed in a little diced roma for the hell of it..

And then came the liquid part of the sauce :( I had NO milk. Well... actually, I had some milk that was probably at least 3 weeks past it's expiration date; And that is really no milk at all. I didn't have any chicken stock sitting around either. I did have some bullion cubes, so I was able to ghetto some quality stock with some bullion stock. I was still kind of stumped as to what to do about the milk until I remembered I had some alfredo sauce in the fridge. I mean, that has cream in it. And it's cheesey. And Alfredo sauce is great with pasta, right? D:
So 1 cup of that instead of milk XD

Oh.. did I mention I didn't have any fresh mushrooms? HAHA. I found some remnant dried shitake from when I almost lopped a finger off making that awesome shitake miso. So I figured.. well.. that's fungal. It'll work XD And who doesn't like shitake mushrooms?!?!?

I didn't have any sliced almonds for the top,b ut I figured that was just for crunch anyway.. so I sprinkled a good ammount of panko over the top.
Oh god.. it smells so bad. But the ingredients are all quality, and as far as I know, they all work together in other dishes.

So now I'm crossing my fingers and waiting...

I guess it's a fusion dish? lol Japanese+ Italian sounding casserole
Hooray for leftovers!

At least I didn't spend any money on ingredients. Haaaaaa

I'll let you guys know how it turns out, and whether or not it kills me D:

I'm alive!
And it was pretty tasty :X
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