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I swear I fail at cooking. I love food, but mostly I love variety in food. There were some bananas on the counter getting pretty ripe, and I was about to eat them earler tonight, when I thought I might try making fried bananas. Since I've been having what feels like rather famous bad luck in front of the stove lately, I decided to look in my cookbook for a recipie. (But really.. butter.. sugar.. that's it?) Instead of finding a regular fried banana recipie, I found one for bananas foster... and though.. omg.. that sounds good D:

Due to my recent cooking failures, I've had a regular supply of real butter in the fridge XD So I figured... I have cinnamon, butter, bannanas, rum... PRETTY sure I have brown sugar.. why not?? It took me a while to find the brown sugar, though.. and it was granulated. I figured.. well... it's better than white sugar, because you NEED the molasses in brown sugar or it won't taste right. So I started off following the directions by melting the butter, adding the sugar, and mushing/melting it all together. Unfortunately, since it was granulated, it won't really melting XP I checked the can to see if there were any extra chemicals, and there wern't. The can, however said somthing like "LOLZZOMG IT'S LIKE BROWN SUGAR BUT LESS WET HAHA WATERLOLZ" I figured that it must not be melting into the butter properly because it was missing moisture, and added a few shots of water. That melted the stuff right up. Since it was BROWN sugar, though, it was hard to tell if it had already been on the heat too long& started carmalizing XP But I said fuck it and tossed my bannanas in there and started heating up the rum. I was VERY excited about lighting somthing on my stove on fire :X I had so much fun torching it, let me tell you XD

ANYWAY.. it was really starting to smell pretty close to bananas foster. The directions said to fry the bananas in the butter/sugar goop for 2 min, but I forgot to set the timer, and spent way too much time staring at the rum to make sure it wasn't over-cooking :/ So, I dumped the bananas on a plate and torched the rum... poured the rum on the bannanas, and decided that the bananas looked kind of overcooked. But I mean, at this point, it was a little late for that.

Let me just say this:
That was probably one of the worst-tasting things I have willfully put in my mouth in a long time

I miss the bananas foster hagen daaz ice cream :(

Did I mention that like a week or two ago I did Baklava experiment 3? It didn't turn out either, so I may not have mentioned it. I'm getting SOOO close, though.
All the recipies I look at use obscene ammounts of syrup. And I was very careful to let the syrup cool off for at least a good hour before I poured it on the baklava. I read that cold syrup+ hot hot baklava= good... or hot syrup+ cold baklava.. but never hot& hot or cold& cold.
So I did everything right there. I even got the baklava to puff up like it was supposed to.. (But I overcooked it, so it was a little dark and the taste was a tad off XP)
Unfortunately, though, I can't prevent the finished product from becoming a soggy mess. I remember that mom's had syrup, and your fingers would get sticky from eating it. But I don't remember a dribbling mess coming out.. and I remember the phyllo on hers crunching when you bite into it.. instead of being kind of pathetically half-crunchy like mine. I'm thinking that the next time I try it, I'll have to decrease the syrup by at least half until I get the hang of things a little more. Honestly, I'm starting to wonder what the point of recipies in general are, because they NEVER turn out when I follow them to the letter. (This could also be me failing at cooking in general.. lol)

I'm on the lookout for some good vegetarian recipies, too. I know those guys claim to eat super healthy, but I haven't found anything that looks all that flavorful& easy to prepare yet. I love my raw foods and my steamed veggies, but I'm looking for some ideas on some other dishes. I'm not going vegetarian nessesarily. I'm just looking for ways to eat healthier.
(And this is at the end of a post containing two failed desserts.. haha.. my god I was not cut out to be a pastery chef)

I did make some realy awesome roasted potatoes the other day for me& Matt. Matt wouldn't touch them, though, so I had assloads of leftovers. The next day, I fried them up with some butter& onion, and then added a bunch of chili& some scrambled eggs. They were freaking awesome D: I was just missing some flour tortillas...
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