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So, back in July/August, I participated in that scavenger hunt for Toyfare magazine. I found out in October that I wasn't one of the winners, but it really wasn't a surprise. I mean, all the winners has maxxed out points (almost 800), and I just barely had over 400 points. But even then, I had a lot of fun doing it, despite the heat. It was somthing to do to get me out of the house, and I got to spend some time with freinds.
Since I didnt' win, I figured the contest was over and done with. Early October, they announced that since they had such a great turn out with the contest, and it went so well, they'd be sending a few care packages out to people as a thank you for participating. A lot of people on the wizarduniverse.com forums were talking about getting things in. I didn't get anything, and I really wasn't counting on it.
Today, though, we got a package in. When I opened it, it was an awesome hard-cover graphic novel collection of "The 10 Greatest Wolverine Stories Ever." I'm not sure how they chose the 10, but it's a graphic novel collection, and it'll be a fun read! My initial reaction was "omgwtf I didn't order this. CREDIT CARD FRAUD!! OH CRAPWTF"
But included was a very nice typed letter, hand-signed from one of the toyfare crew, thanking all the participants! :o Very cool!
So, I'm excited about my free swag, and excited about having somthing comic-book-y to read this afternoon. I just think it was incredibly cool for those guys to go out of their way and mail these books out to the treasure hunt participants that didn't rack up the points to win a big prize :D
I feel all warm and fuzzy D:

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